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Published at 13th of December 2020 06:09:20 AM

Chapter 1530: Chapter 1530 - Someone Following

The cost of one bottle of medicine was one million gold coins, but the price of the black wooden token wasn’t low either . Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been so many people selling it off to the highest bidder in private . They had gone through a lot of trouble to obtain the black wooden token . Though the design was simple, it couldn’t be easily duplicated . Every piece of black wooden token had the words Ghost Doctor written on it and also had a unique logo . You could only buy the medicine if you had the token from the Ghost Doctor .

Now he had obtained a bottle of medicine, a fourth-grade Spirit Gathering Liquid, and the quality was so pure that it had never been seen on the outside either . Therefore, he hoped to buy another bottle to bring back, but…

“My apologies Master Ni . ” Leng Hua stood up apologetically and said: “There is a date and time for the auction of the black wooden tokens which will only be sold at the Black Market . This is not something I can do for you . ”

He paused and bowed politely, then said: “I’m sorry, I have other matters to attend to, please excuse me . ”

Upon hearing this, Master Ni stood up: “I understand! Since that’s the case, I won’t make things difficult for you . However, I would like to ask you something, I wonder if Manager Leng would be able to reveal some information?”

Leng Hua smiled warmly: “If you’re asking about my Master, Master Ni need not ask . I am acting on my Master’s orders, so without his approval, I won’t reveal anything . Please . ” He gestured for him to leave .

Master Ni was taken aback . He smiled and nodded: “Alright! I believe that I will have the chance to meet your Master in the future . ” Saying that, he left with his servants .

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After they had left, Leng Hua turned around and went back into the back room and told Feng Jiu about the matter: “Master, we have collected nearly all the black wooden tokens that we have issued . When those people come to buy medicines, they always ask for news about you, Master . They have always been civil and haven’t caused any problems . ”

“That’s because those are the rules we have set and anyone who causes trouble are blacklisted, so even if they have the black wooden token, they wouldn’t be able to buy any medicines . Naturally, they wouldn’t dare to cause any problems . ” She stood up and flicked her robes, then said: “Alright, I’ll make a trip to the Black Market . Tell me what medicines you are lacking when I come back . ”

“Yes . ” Leng Hua replied and sent her out . After she saw Feng Jiu and Du Fan leave, he returned to the shop .

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In the beginning, they had only sold regular medicinal herbs, then slowly, this had changed quietly . It looked like an ordinary drugstore, but it had hidden dealings . It could be said in this period of time, they had gained a firm foothold here and all the forces had to show them respect .

Originally, Master’s reputation as the Ghost Doctor was not well known within the Eight Supreme Empires . After all, no matter how great her reputation was, she had not been able to go to that many places for it to reach here . Especially since Master’s medicine liquids and pills weren’t sold here . Naturally, no one knew of the background and reputation of the Ghost Doctor .

However, after the period of operation during this time, various forces were gradually aware of Master’s reputation as the Ghost Doctor . With the Black Market’s forces backing them here, they didn’t have to worry about any major problems . After all, everyone respected the Black Market forces and didn’t like to make enemies with them easily .

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On the other side, Feng Jiu had brought Du Fan out of the drugstore with her . After they had passed one street, Du Fan lowered his voice and said: “Master, someone is following us . ”

“Yeah . ” Feng Jiu responded indifferently and continued walking at a leisurely pace .

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