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Chapter 1527: 1527

Chapter 1527 I Came From Afar

“Why is there nothing written on these places above here? Your map is incomplete . ” She pointed to some places on the map that have been marked and the rest were completely blank without even the slightest information .

“That’s because the people in our East Empires have never walked out of the region . ”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze said and pointed to the vast expanse of forest and some places separated by the sea and said: “See here? In addition to the vast expanse of forest, they are also equipped with enchantment formations and are definitely not something that ordinary people can pass through easily . Because no one knows the area over there, therefore, it has been nicknamed the Mysterious Place . ”

“However, I have heard that the Old Man Tianji is in this Mysterious Place . My Master who had taught me the skills and teachings came from the Mysterious Place . ”

“Old Man Tianji and your Master?” Feng Jiu blinked and rested her chin on her hands: “Why have I never heard you mention your Master before?”

“Because he taught me in secret and didn’t want me to reveal his name . Even the people who have followed me from my childhood don’t know of his existence . ”

“Oh, I see . ” She nodded her head and didn’t ask anymore . However, she remembered another matter: “Mo Chen said some words in the past but I never paid much attention to it . Now that I think about it, those words seem quite mysterious . ”

“When the phoenix star appears, an extraordinary soul enters the world . She came from afar, through the heavens and skies, to be the Sovereign of the world . ” Xuanyuan Mo Ze looked at her and said those words .

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“Yes, those are the words, what do ‘ through the heavens and skies’ even mean? I’ve never understood the meaning of that . And what does being Sovereign of the world mean? In all honesty, I am very lazy and I have no interest in fighting to be the Sovereign of the world, so I’ve always thought these words are just nonsense . ”

She raised her chin and frowned .

When Xuanyuan Mo Ze heard this, his eyes moved slightly and he looked deeply at her and asked: “She came from afar, an extraordinary soul enters the world, what do these sentences mean? Don’t you know?”

Those words had already spread and the people of the Eight Great Empires were also looking for this phoenix star, but they didn’t know that the phoenix star was Feng Jiu .

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However, these two sentences have always puzzled him . Why from afar? an extraordinary soul enters the world? Could it be that one day a soul from another world would take her soul away?

If these two sentences weren’t interpreted in this way, then what could it mean? He had to admit that this was a deep concern in his heart . The words from the mouth of the Old Man Tianji wouldn’t be said without a reason . Therefore, if he had said it then he must have had his reasons .

When she saw his deep gaze staring fixedly at her, as if he wanted to see her soul through her eyes, Feng Jiu’s eyes moved slightly and a smile appeared on her lips and said as a matter of factly: “It’s easy to understand the meaning of the two sentences! Naturally it means that I am an extraordinary soul that came from afar . ”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze looked deeply at her, and after he heard her words, his heart relaxed slightly . He stretched out his hand to hold her hand and said in a low magnetic voice: “Yes, no matter where you’ve come from, as long as you are you, that’s all that matters . ”

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He only needed to know that she was the woman he loved, nothing else was important .

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