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Chapter 1525: 1525

“Of course my daughter has good taste . ” Shangguan Wanrong smiled gently and patted her face affectionately . “Of course . ” She raised her chin with pride .

“Then tell mother, how did you meet? Since he’s met your father and Grandpa, have you met his family yet?” Shangguan asked, as she leaned back against the headboard of the bed .

The mother and daughter sat on the bed and chatted until Leng Shuang brought in the porridge after knocking on the door before she entered .

“Mother, I have been purging the poison from your body over the past two days . However, I still lack two spirit herbs to expel the poison that have penetrated your bone marrow . I think you should stay here during this period of time while you recuperate and wait until I find the two spirit herbs so that I can refine an antidote pill for you . ”

“Can it be completely expelled?” She asked with worry .

“Yes, it can be done, don’t worry! You eat a bowl of porridge first and then have a good rest . I need to go out later . ” She motioned for Leng Shuang to take care of her mother and walked outside .

Leng Shuang scooped a bowl of porridge and stepped forward: “Madam, Master ordered us to cook this porridge, it has tonic supplement medicine for the body in it . ”

“Okay . ” Shangguan Wanrong replied and began to eat .

Outside, when Feng Jiu couldn’t see Xuanyuan Mo Ze anywhere, she asked Leng Hua: “Where is he? Where has he gone? Why don’t I see him anywhere?”

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“Master are you referring to Hell’s Lord?” Leng Hua asked with a gentle smile .

“Yeah . ” Feng Jiu nodded in response .

“Someone from Hell’s Palace came earlier on and said that he had something to report so Hell’s Lord went with him . They should be in the front courtyard . ”

Upon hearing that, Feng Jiu paused slightly and walked out . When she came to the front courtyard, she saw Xuanyuan Mo Ze had just turned and was walking back to her . He walked up to her and she asked him: “What’s wrong?”

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“Recently, there has been a mysterious force attacking Hell’s Palace, as if trying to force me to show myself . I’m afraid this matter is not something Grey Wolf and the rest can handle by themselves . I am about to go and find out what’s going on . ”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze said as he walked in the courtyard with his arms around her: “Don’t worry, I have already sent men to search for the two spirit herbs you need . Once they find them, they will bring it back to you . Now that you have found your mother, do you plan on staying here? Or will you return to Phoenix Empire first? If you wish to return I can send my men to accompany you . ”

Feng Jiu replied: “I want to wait until I have found the spirit herbs before I return otherwise the long journey back and forth will be too troublesome . ”

“Alright . As long as you don’t cause any trouble, you won’t be discovered by other forces here in the city . Stay here first then . If you find that it’s not good here, you can always return to the Crown Prince Mansion first too . ”

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“Don’t worry! I will take care of myself and my mother . Besides, I have Leng Shuang, Du Fan and the rest by my side . Nothing will happen, don’t worry . ” She said indifferently as she felt fine out here and she didn’t need to be within his sphere of influence .

“Alright then! I will go back tomorrow . Today I will stay here to be with you . We haven’t seen each other for a few months and each time we meet we only get to spend a few days together . We seem to be spending more time apart than together . Once the spirit herbs are found and after you refine the pill, I will prepare and bring a hundred boxes of dowry gifts to your house to propose marriage to you . ”

When she heard this, Feng Jiu couldn’t help but chuckled: “Do you think it will be that easy to marry me? Even if my father can bear to let me go, my mother might not . I think we need to have a think about our marriage, besides, we are still young!”

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