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Chapter 1523: 1523

After hearing what he had said, Feng Jiu nodded her head . So he had been to Pill Sun Sect in the past . She supposed he was originally a member of the Xuan Yuan Empire of the Eight Great Empires to begin with anyway . Back then when he had been afflicted with the Thousand Year Frost Poison, no doubt he would have gone to Pill Sun Sect in search of the antidote .

After eating a bowl of porridge, she smiled and said: “Although I am injured, they haven’t gained any benefits either . Pill Sun Sect has lost much more than me . I am sure that even if the Sect Master lives after taking that blow from you, he would only be left with half a life . Let’s just forget about this matter, there’s no need to mention it again . ”

She paused, then asked again: “By the way, did you come by yourself this time? Did Grey Wolf and Shadow One not accompany you?”

“I’ve ordered them to go to a branch of Hell’s Palace to deal with some matters . They should be here in a few days . ” Xuanyuan Mo Ze replied and scooped another bowl of porridge for her to eat: “Have some more! Your body is still weak!”

Feng Jiu took the porridge and ate it . After a while, she stopped and looked at him: “I want to refine an antidote for my mother . But besides the spirit herb I brought out from Master Third Sun’s cave dwelling, I need two other spirit herbs . I would like you to find them for me . ”

“Which two? Tell me . ”

“Ice Core White Jade Lotus, and Exquisite Seven Colour Flower . ” After she had told him the names of the spirit herbs she needed, she said: “And they must be at least three hundred years old, otherwise they can’t be used as medicine . ”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze pondered for a moment and said: “These two items that you have mentioned are extremely rare detoxifying sacred medicines, even my Xuanyuan Palace doesn’t have these spirit herbs . Hell’s Palace however has the Exquisite Seven Colour Flower, but it’s not yet three hundred years old . I will have to instruct my people to find out if anyone has these two spirit herbs . ”

After he had spoken, he pondered for a moment and asked: “Will the poison within your mother’s body not be expelled if you don’t have these two spirit herbs? Will she be fine until we find the spirit herbs?”

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“I can suppress the medicine in her body and prevent it from becoming fatal . Master Third Sun had originally wanted to use her as a human furnace to refine pills, so those aren’t poison but extremely precious spirit herbs . However, if her body cannot bear it, then the several medicines will mutually repel each other and gradually become poisonous and become highly toxic . I can suppress it and I can use bloodletting to expel her poison . However, the medicinal properties are deep in her bone marrow and flesh, bloodletting will not eliminate all the poison . ”

“Those two spirit herbs are extremely rare and precious medicines . Even if it is to be used in the antidote, the whole plant is not needed, just one petal is enough . If you can’t find the whole plant, just try to get a few petals . ”

He nodded slowly as he listened to what she said and said slowly: “Don’t worry! Leave it up to me . I will send someone to find the whereabouts of the spirit herbs . No matter how rare and precious the spirit herbs are, someone is bound to have it . ”

“Well, I will expel some of the poison for her first . As for the poison in her bone marrow, flesh and skin, I will have to wait till we have gathered all the spirit herbs first . ”

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Over the next few days, Feng Jiu gave her mother some detoxification medicine and used the pores on her body to expel some of the poison . Because of this, layers of black liquid had oozed out of her body and her condition gradually improved .

After being in a coma for a few days, Shangguan Wanrong had finally awakened . The moment she opened her eyes, she looked at the figure by the side of her bed and couldn’t help but stretched out and held her hand tightly and asked .

“Little Jiu, how are you? Are you hurt?”

Feng Jiu smiled widely and her eyes narrowed in joy as she looked at Shangguan Wanrong: “Mother, don’t worry, I’m fine . I woke up two days ago . ”

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