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Chapter 1518: 1518

Feng Jiu was surprised to see the formation array closing . Just as she was about to leave, she saw the familiar figure that seemed to be treading on the stars . When she saw the figure in black appear, she was stunned with surprise then finally felt relieved . It’s Ze, he’s here . She didn’t expect him to come here at this time . After all, she only informed Leng Shuang to meet her outside without telling him what she was going to do .

However, she was relieved as she called to mind the forces of Hell’s Palace that spread all over the regions . As long as he wanted to know, even if she didn’t tell him, how could he not find out where she was?

His timing was just right . The great array protecting the sect was closed down, it must be because of him! She felt her whole body relaxed when she saw him coming .

With him here, she believed that she would be alright .

However, compared to the relaxed Feng Jiu, a bloodthirsty cold light leapt from Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s deep onyx eyes . He looked at her figure in the sky and the red dress she wore was slashed and her cut wounds, her black hair dishevelled . Her whole being outpoured with a spirit energy breath several times higher than what she had cultivated . He knew that she was forced to take pills, having no other way to enhance her strength in a short period of time .

She had that type of medicinal pill that with a rapid efficacy and highly potent, able to promote a person’s strength in a very short time . However, after two-hour period passed, not only was it no longer effective, it was also very harmful to the person’s body .

Xuanyuan Mo Ze arrived at Feng Jiu’s side in a few breaths of time, stretched out his hand and held her in his arms . “How are you? Are you alright?” His low voice couldn’t cover his chilly aura .

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He looked at the exhausted Feng Jiu in his embrace with pity . “Why didn’t you tell me? You shouldered everything yourself . What do you want me to do for you?”

Feng Jiu couldn’t help smiling . “Am I with you for the sake of my protection? Be at ease! I can’t die . I’m treating it as a learning experience . It’s been a long time that I haven’t battled like this . So, it’s really tiring . ”

She embraced his waist and buried her face in his chest, sensing the spirit energy breath in her body had gradually dissipated . “My medicine’s efficacy is about gone already . The great formation protecting the sect has closed down . Let’s go!”

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Xuanyuan Mo Ze hugged her, but his deep gaze shifted from her face to the Pill Sun Sect’s sect master far away . “The Pill Sun Sect’s people hurt you like this . I can’t let them off easily!”

He wouldn’t spare those who touched his woman!

“Forget about it, let’s go! I’ve killed the person that I must kill . I’ve also saved the people that I must save . There’s no need to pay attention to the people here . ”

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She was unwilling nor had any wish to ask Xuanyuan Mo Ze to destroy Pill Sun Sect . After all, she had lived here for a period of time . She had little contact with the people here, but there were still some people who took good care of her . She did not want to do anything too extreme .

At this time, the Pill Sun Sect’ sect master sensed the black robed man’s bloodthirsty gaze was firmly fixed on his body . A chill ran from the soles of his feet, making him shiver involuntarily and felt fear and panic at the bottom of his heart .

Who was the man in black who suddenly appeared? How could the look in his eyes make him fear? Who were these two people? What was their purpose for coming to the Pill Sun Sect?

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