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Published at 28th of November 2020 03:45:18 AM

Chapter 1517: 1517

“Screech!”The eagle’s mournful cry pierced the sky . Its shrill sound hurt people’s eardrums . The pain was like having their eardrums pierced through so that everyone could only cover their ears .

The sect master’s eyes were bloodshot and his body was shaking . He looked at the scene in disbelief . He felt as if his arm had been cut off . That was his contracted beast! It’s a super divine beast! How could it be, how could the beast be hacked and slaughtered in front of him?

“Feng Jiu! I won’t spare you!”

His hands were clenched into fists and his eyes bloodshot with terrifying killing intent . Watching his contracted beast fall to the ground from the sky, he felt the contract between him and the contracted beast being cut off by force . Their blood and mind connection was severed . It was as if his heart had been yanked out violently .

It hurt him so much that he couldn’t breathe!

Others opened their mouths wide and looked with disbelief at the figure in red under the night sky . The vision shook their hearts and minds, making them extremely shocked and incredulous .

Had they not witnessed it personally, they wouldn’t believe this scene was real!

A woman, an insignificant girl who had been looked down upon by men, had unexpectedly fought among the Pill Sun Sect’s strong exponents with her own strength . She even killed several strong exponents . Finally, she even killed the sect master’s super divine beast eagle…

This, this was truly unfathomable!

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Feng Jiu didn’t want to waste time . After solving this crisis and trying to break through the formation array, she found that this great formation protecting the sect was unlike a common formation boundary . As she approached, she could feel the protective energy flow, but she seemed to be stopped and bounced back as she tried to leave through the boundary .

“Feng Jiu, I will not spare you, I will spare you! Don’t ever think of leaving the Pill Sun Sect for even a half step! I will offer your blood as a sacrifice for my black eagle!”

The sect master’s indignant voice was filled with killing intent . Feng Jiu didn’t pay attention to it . She was thinking about how to break the great formation protecting the sect which was formed by the boundary and formation arrays . If she couldn’t break it through here, her only way out was to look for the location where the array was launched .

However, at the sect master’s side, Chen Dao saw the sect master took out two jade slips and crushed them to send a message out . “Sect Protector, please help me to eradicate the mad disciple who offends my sect!”

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“Please, Sect Protector!”

“Please, Sect Protector!”

The voices reverberated throughout the night . Tonight, the whole sect shook and fell into chaos . People of the Pill Sun Sect would never forget this evening’s shocking scene many years later .

However, it was strange that the sect master crushed the jade card and asked the elder to come out of the mountain, but there was no movement or even a word . This strange scene made several elders standing behind the sect master look at each other with bewilderment .

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It seemed, as if, something went wrong?

However, at this time, the great formation protecting the sect which covered the whole sect gate was suddenly closed with a roar . The protective shield formed to prevent people from entering fell apart at this moment .

While everyone was shocked and dismayed, a figure in black appeared high up in the sky . His black robe was fluttering in the night sky and his jet black hair flying . The mask covering his face shone in the firelight…

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