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Chapter 1514: 1514

Cloud Devouring Beast was shocked at the sound of this familiar voice . The beast looked up abruptly and saw the black robed Xuanyuan Mo Ze with powerful aura emanating from all over his body coming towards it . Even though his face was not visible at this moment as he was wearing a mask, the beast was excited . With a roar, it leapt up quickly in front of him .

Shangguan Wanrong, leaning half-unconscious on Cloud Devouring Beast, had her forehead slick with perspiration due to her injuries and Cloud Devouring Beast’s movement . Although she was not completely unconscious, she was not far from being in a coma .

When she heard the man’s voice, she tried to look up but could only see the corner of his black robe as well as the masked face .

“Mistress is still inside . She told me to take her mother out first . Hell’s Lord, those people ganged up to bully my mistress . It seems they have opened the great formation protecting the sect to stop Mistress from escaping . Hell’s Lord, please go and save her . I’m afraid she will not be able to hold on . ”

Cloud Devouring Beast told him urgently . It didn’t expect to meet him here . It only knew that Leng Shuang was waiting to come for their rescue outside . The news was passed on at a much earlier date so it already knew long ago to meet Leng Shuang and others outside . However, Hell’s Lord arrival was beyond its expectation . It guessed that even its mistress did not expect this!

When Xuanyuan Mo Ze heard this, his aura suddenly turned heavy and the cold breath emanated all over his body, making the whole forest shrouded with a gloomy pressure .

He stepped forward and saw the wounded Shangguan Wanrong at Cloud Devouring Beast’s back . When he saw her injuries, a malicious light flashed in his eyes . If even she was hurt to this extent, Feng Jiu would have…

“Leng Shuang and others are ahead . Go over there! Bring her there first . Entrust your mistress’ matter to me . ” Xuanyuan Mo Ze told Cloud Devouring Beast with his low and magnetic voice . With this, he swept out and rushed towards Feng Jiu at the Pill Sun Sect .

Cloud Devouring Beast’s worry was somewhat eased with the Hell’s Lord coming to the rescue . When it was about to leave, it heard the chicken’s clucking sound .

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“Cluck cluck cluck! Cluck cluck!”

Cloud Devouring Beast turned its head and saw a green-feathered chicken not far away, turning the soil over with one paw and then tried to nestle inside the newly dug hole . Cloud Devouring Beast pulled the corners of its mouth when it saw the chicken .

After glancing at the Green Feather, it jumped forward .

At this time, Feng Jiu fought alone against several people in the sect . Even though she had taken medicinal pills to improve her strength, she lacked the strength to confront those strong exponents . What’s more, these people were intent on killing her . Their moves were fierce and their steps were filled with killing intent . She would put herself in danger if not being cautious enough .

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She thought there was still room to manoeuvre without having to kill these people with whom she had no hatred or grudge . However, in this situation, she must kill them if she wanted to live!

“You guys made me do this!”

After avoiding an attack, she quickly withdrew . Her red dress swished and her jet black hair fluttering as she held the Qingfeng sword in her hand . The spirit energy breath rushed forth in her body and poured the flame within her body into the Qingfeng sword .

With a cry, the fire suddenly burst out . The Qingfeng sword, which was originally covered with green light, was like an angry dragon . The strong and sharp sword potent echoed with the flame . Set off by the flame, the sword more than doubled in size .

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“Cyclone Kill!”

Accompanied by her cold shout, she spun in the air and the Qingfeng sword in her hand let out a terrifying killing intent…

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