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Published at 23rd of November 2020 05:13:04 PM

Chapter 1510: Chapter 1510 - A devilish and enchanting maiden

“But…” Before Chen Dao finished his words, he heard a cry of pain not far away . The familiar voice drew his attention . He saw the azure-robed Feng Jiu was stabbed by a sword on her shoulder, wounded by a Nascent Soul cultivator in a sneak attack . The sword thrust from behind . The blood-dripping blade pierced her shoulder like that, making his heart clenched suddenly . “Feng Jiu!”

Chen Dao exclaimed and tried to rush forward, but was pulled back by the elder . “What are you doing? Do you want to die?”

“Feng Jiu!”

Chen Dao clenched his hands into fists . At this moment, he hated himself for not coming forward to help Feng Jiu and could only look on helplessly as she was stabbed with the sword . As Feng Jiu turned around to confront the Nascent Soul cultivator, she was slapped away by a Celestial Strong Exponent at the front .

“Feng Jiu!”

Luo Heng’s face turned pale . He watched Feng Jiu fall from the air . Her strength seemed to have been drained at that moment, leaving her powerless body fell down from the air .

“Catch him alive!”

The sect master’s dignified and gloomy voice rang out at this moment . As soon as the order was given, several cultivators complied at once and swooped down in unison, trying to capture the seriously injured Feng Jiu .

But that was when the shock came…

The boy fell with his eyes closed, letting her body drop from a high altitude . The sword piercing through her shoulder had not been pulled out while holding the Qingfeng sword in her hand . She fell down as if she had stopped breathing .

When the two Nascent Soul and the two Celestial Strong Exponents swooped down and were about to catch her, Feng Jiu suddenly opened her eyes and her whole body was filled with a terrifying spirit energy breath .

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The fierce airflow whirled out of her body . In addition to the formidable spirit energy breath and her Nascent Soul cultivator’s pressure, there was also a breath of ancient divine beasts . A dazzling blue light burst out from the Qingfeng sword in her hand and the refracted sharp sword’s blade was even more frightening .


The formidable airflow on her body surged out and expelled the sword that pierced her shoulder .  After it flew out with a whizzing sound and fell on the ground, her blue robe was also blown up by the airflow and scattered down from the sky, revealing the white dress underneath .


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The surging airflow didn’t seem to stop, making her tightly bound long black hair dishevelled . The long hair was like black china ink in the night, flying amidst the fire blazing in the sect . The heavenly silk white robe inside seemed like a demon that fascinated people…

“Feng Jiu is a woman!”

“This errand boy is a woman!”

“What kind of boy is this? She is a woman!”

Her inner garment exposed her graceful and exquisite figure . Her scattered black hair, especially, showed the true nature of a woman . However, while the crowd was still absorbed in their shock and amazement, she stood in the air with a sword in one hand . With glittering eyes glancing coldly at the cultivators, she moved her fingers and took out a red coat from the space .

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Amidst the soaring blaze under the dark night sky, the figure in red was devilishly enchanting and charmingly arrogant . The unique temperament and imposing manner all attracted people’s attention…

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