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Published at 18th of November 2020 11:35:10 PM

Chapter 1509: 1509

With such medical expertise, would Feng Jiu be an ordinary person? He knew he was special, but he didn’t think he would do something like this here . Why?

If he wanted to kill the peak master, why did he wait so long to do it? What was his purpose in doing this?

Now that he was surrounded inside the sect proper, how would he manage to get away with his strength?

The distant sound of battle pulled his thoughts back to the present . As he watched the besieged Feng Jiu, he found himself unable to save him at the moment, let alone help him .

In the presence of so many people at the sect, if he protected Feng Jiu, it’s very likely that he would be killed as an accomplice . He wouldn’t be able to make any difference at all, so, what on earth must he do? Was it possible to save him?

“What are we going to do? Will Feng Jiu be killed? How can he beat them all by himself? What’s more, two of them are Celestial Strong Exponents . How can he handle it?” Luo Heng said with anxiety . He was more concerned about the life and death of Feng Jiu than the death of his master .

When he heard this, Chen Dao pursed his lips and turned away, intending to ask what was going on . However, just as he was about to go to the ninth peak, he saw the sect master and others standing in the air on their flying swords, watching the battle not far away .

Seeing this, he raised his vital energy and set out on his flying sword . However, before he got close, the cultivators who stood behind the sect master and elders as protectors stopped him .

“Who are you!” A Nascent Soul cultivator bellowed .

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One of the elders took an inadvertent glance at him . When he saw that the visitor was Chen Dao, his eyes almost popped out . He stepped forward with disbelief on his face . When he reached Chen Dao, he looked around him, “Chen, Chen Dao, how did you get healed? Are you better now?”

When Chen Dao saw him, he quickly grabbed his hand and asked, “Second Grandfather, what’s going on? How can Feng Jiu kill the peak master? Is there a mistake?”

The elder looked at Chen Dao and saw that he was really all right and had restored to the way he was before . The elder was surprised and gratified at the same time . It’s great that he’s all right . The Chen clan’s younger generation should be this way, not to get knocked down so easily .

“When we got there, Master Third Sun had already been killed . That Nascent Soul cultivator said that he was killed by this errand boy named Feng Jiu . By the way, I thought this name, as well as this boy, seems somewhat familiar . I only remembered it when I saw you . Isn’t he the errand boy who always likes to walk around with you?”

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He remembered at that time, it was this errand boy disciple that kept Chen Dao from being sent back . But, given the current situation, Chen Dao must get rid of his relationship with that errand boy thoroughly, otherwise, it might implicate the Chen family .

“It’s him, Second Grandfather . He cured my injury . Is there any misunderstanding? Although he’s weird and a bit mischievous, Feng Jiu is dedicated to his work and he has cured my injury . He is not a vicious person . If he really killed the Third Sun Peak master, it must be due to the reason that we aren’t aware of . ”

Chen Dao pleaded, then continued speaking, “Second Grandfather, I hope you can tell the Sect Master about this . Maybe there is some misunderstanding . Based on my understanding of him, he is really not a person with a vicious mind . ”

After hearing this, the elder’s face sank . He lowered his voice and said, “Don’t talk about it again, so as not to bring harm to the Chen clan for no reason . ”

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