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Chapter 1508: 1508

“No one knows about such a dangerous man infiltrating the sect? What are you guys doing at the Third Sun Peak? Even Master Third Sun met his demise in his hands . ”The sect master yelled angrily . He frowned and asked with doubt, “But, how can this man kill Master Third Sun? What kind of feud did he have with him? Since he has already got in, why did he do it tonight as well as setting the whole sect on fire?”“This… I don’t know about that either . ” Ruan Changchun restrained his gaze and shook his head .

“I heard that Master Third Sun is planning to refine pills in seclusion . Moreover, it’s a very unusual medicinal pill . Does it have anything to do with it?” An elder stroked his beard and looked at the direction the boy was fleeing and the cultivators who chased after him .

“No matter what, it’s a fact that he set fire to the Pill Sun Sect and killed Master Third Sun . Let’s catch him first . ” The sect master briefed them . He asked Ruan Changchun to set down Master Third Sun’s corpse first and then turned to leave . He planned to summon all the people of the clan and capture the young man named Feng Jiu alive .

Ruan Changchun complied . After watching them leave and ordered the Nascent Soul cultivators to guard the corpse, he went into the cave dwelling to inspect . As soon as he stepped inside, he was frightened by the reek of blood that assaulted his nose . He then went even further inside, the place where the mystic iron chain was chopped off . It was blood-stained and horrible to see…

Seeing the scene inside the cave and recalling his junior sister’s terrible condition, he could understand why the young man had to kill his master .

On the other side, Feng Jiu fled to the main gate of the sect . Two Nascent Soul cultivators and two Celestial strong exponents were chasing after her . During the chase, she was hurt by their sword intent, resulting in several wounds from the slash .

Also, dealing with Master Third Sun, a celestial strong exponent, was one thing . After all, he was not an expert in battle . However, it was not so easy to deal with these strong exponents who were protecting the elders and the sect master .

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Had it not been for her strange martial arts’ movements as well as the Qingfeng sword in her hand, perhaps she would have already fallen into these people’s hands . When she was only 300 meters away from the entrance gate, she was surrounded by four people in mid-air .

“Sure enough, it’s the Qingfeng sword! Who on earth are you?” A Celestial strong exponent stared at the blade suffused with blue rays in Feng Jiu’s hand . His eyes were filled with shock .

The ancient sword Qingfeng that disappeared for many years was now in the hands of a young man? Who was this guy?

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The other three were also excited at this time . The Qingfeng sword! They were actually destined to see the ancient sword which was contested decades ago and set off a bloody storm!

Some disciples who noticed the stalemate in mid-air were discussing it one after another . In the Third Sun Peak’s seventh peak, Luo Heng and Chen Dao were even more shocked .

They stared at the figure in azure surrounded by several strong exponents in the distance . Even if it was a little far away, the figure and face of the person were clearly seen under the illumination and reflection of the blaze all over the sect…

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“That, that’s Feng Jiu? He, what is he doing?” Luo Heng couldn’t hide his shock and horror, staring at Feng Jiu in the distance and murmuring questions to the people around him .

And Chen Dao, standing next to him, pursed his lips tightly with a profound and deep gaze…

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