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Chapter 1507: 1507

Ruan Changchun’s action made her puzzled . Feng Jiu noticed that he was there from the beginning, but he just watched secretly without any intention to attack . Did he want to let her mother leave?It was possible, considering what she had observed of them and how they had behaved during the day .

She had thought of many ways before this, the most direct one was to hide her mother into her space . However, her injury was beyond her expectation . Moreover, she was not sure whether she could leave the Pill Sun Sect unscathed, so naturally, she could not keep her mother safe if they were together .

Counting the time, if Leng Shuang and others had already arrived outside, they should have met her mother and she wouldn’t have to worry too much about her mother’s safety .

As for the other members of the Pill Sun Sect, if she could, she did not want to deal with them . After all, the only person she wanted to kill was Master Third Sun . Even though she didn’t want to be their enemy, she would be forced to make a move if they did not let her go .

“Who are you! How dare you to act impudently at Pill Sun Sect!”

When the gloomy voice containing spirit energy breath rang out, Feng Jiu looked up and saw several figures coming from the sky riding on flying swords . When she saw this, she glanced at Ruan Changchun and then swept away towards the opposite direction of the back mountain .

Several cultivators who followed behind the sect master swept away and chased after her at this time .

Ruan Changchun noticed the young man’s gaze as he was leaving . He stood up and saw that those following behind the sect master and several elders were all strong exponents . His heart sank .

In addition to several strong exponents who pursued the young man, the sect master and others also had several men protecting them . So, he was afraid the young man wouldn’t be able to leave .

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“Sect Master! The young errand boy named Feng Jiu killed Third Sun Peak’s master!”

The wounded Nascent Soul cultivator saw them coming and immediately came forward to report . “I know him, he was originally an errand boy disciple at the Third Sun Peak . I didn’t expect that this guy concealed himself so well and killed the Third Sun Peak’s founder!”

Hearing this, those over a dozen people changed their expressions . Their gazes swept the surroundings and found Master Third Sun’s stiff corpse on the ground . For a time, they were terribly shocked .

“How is this, how is this possible? He is a Celestial Strong Exponent!” An elder said in disbelief . He came forward to check and only after seeing Master Third Sun really dead did he believe that the man was no longer alive .

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When other people saw that scene, a terrible storm raged in their hearts . They paid more attention to the man who had killed Master Third Sun .

So, the sect master looked at the Nascent Soul cultivator and asked, “You said that the one who killed Master Third Sun was Feng Jiu, originally an errand boy disciple of the Third Sun Peak? How can an errand boy kill him? What’s more, that man’s strength just now was clearly at the Nascent Soul level . How was it possible for him to be an errand boy?”

Seeing that a cultivator chased after him, the Nascent Soul cultivator steadied his mind . “It is true, he is really an errand boy . He was previously responsible for sending spirit herbs to the eighth peak . He even came to the ninth peak but we blocked him from entry . We also know from other people that this young man is a new errand boy named Feng Jiu . He’s well-known at the Third Sun Peak . ”

“Is that true?” The sect master’s gaze turned towards Ruan Changchun .

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Ruan Changchun stepped forward . After giving him a salute, he answered, “It’s true . That boy is an errand boy who runs errands for us . ”

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