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Chapter 1506: 1506

Ruan Changchun directed his gaze on the young man . Wasn’t this the boy who ran errands delivering spirit herbs? Why did he come to save his Junior Sister? What was the relationship between them?He really couldn’t tell that this young errand boy turned out to be a hidden expert . He could battle against two Nascent Soul cultivators using only one man’s strength and didn’t suffer defeat . What a great skill!

And his master, what on earth did the boy feed him? How could it hurt him like that? Just as he pondered about it, a mournful scream interrupted his train of thought .


He looked over and saw his master convulsed and laid stiff on the ground with both eyes and mouth wide open . The scream seemed to be his last since he seemed to have lost his breath after that…


With a startled cry, he ran up to his master immediately . When he came to his master’s side, he turned pale with surprise and took a few steps back .


His master’s body stiffened on the ground, but countless bugs came out of his seven orifices . He could even see bugs crawling under Master Third Sun’s skin…

Master Third Sun’s eyes opened violently and couldn’t be closed, as if he were dying with grudge unsatisfied . His twisted hands dug deep into the soil . There was no life force left in his whole body .

“Master! Master!”

He cried out sadly and knelt down on his knees, looking at his dead Master . He couldn’t express the feelings inside his heart .

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Why? Why?

A great Third Sun Peak, why did it turn this way? If Master Third Sun didn’t touch Junior Sister, he wouldn’t have been killed . If Master didn’t snatch Junior Sister, he wouldn’t have died today .

A master killing his disciple? How could he let such a scandal spread? If such news spread, not only would the good image gained after many years be destroyed, but he would also be reviled after his death and the Third Sun Peak disciples would be looked down upon by other peaks .

“Hiss! Ugh!”

As soon as the cold light from the blade flashed, a shout rang out . A Nascent Soul suffered defeat under Feng Jiu’s hand and breathed his last…

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“Even if you kill all of us here, you can’t escape from the sect!” The other Nascent Soul cultivator’s eyes were bloodshot with killing intent when he saw his brother killed .

Feng Jiu grasped the Qingfeng sword in her hand . The cyan-coloured sword intent surged on the tip of the blade and its sharp point pointed to the ground . When she heard the Nascent Soul cultivator’s words, her lips curved up .

She didn’t try to escape at all . Because she couldn’t escape, she had to give her mother and Cloud Devouring Beast time to escape and survive . Only when she stayed here, those people wouldn’t chase after her mother . Moreover, Third Master Sun, the only person who knew that her mother was taken away from the back mountain by Cloud Devouring Beast was already dead .

Now all she had to do was delay the time until they were leaving Pill Sun Sect’s range safely, then she would be able to leave .

She had no thought of leaving at this moment . But, would she be able to leave safely when other sect’s people arrived?

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All she wanted was to make sure that her mother could leave safely .

Moreover, with her mother leaving, they would not suspect her for Master Third Sun’s death . Even if she didn’t kill Master Third Sun, if she was here, she would certainly be accused, thus bearing the name of master’s murderer .

Her serene eyes flickered . Her gaze fell on the figure kneeling not far from Master Third Sun’s body and a deep contemplation flashed in her eyes…

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