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Chapter 1494: 1494
Chapter 1494 What Shall We Do

“What are you all doing crowding around here?” He shouted sullenly and glanced at everyone .

“Martial Uncle Ruan, we heard that our Master is injured? Is it serious?” Luo Heng asked, looking at Ruan Changchun who was walking with his hands behind his back .

Ruan Changchun glanced at him and said: “Your Master is fine . Get back to your jobs and stop hanging around here . ”

“Martial Uncle Ruan, we would like to see our Master and look in on his injuries . ” A disciple said boldly .

Ruan Changchun glanced at him and said: “What’s there to look at? If he wants to see any of you, he would have called for you . Since he hasn’t asked for any of you, then you should go back . ” After pausing for a while, he shouted again: “Why haven’t you left? Why are you still standing here in a daze?”

Everyone glanced at each other but didn’t say anything, and finally, one by one, they left .

Luo Heng glanced at Ruan Changchun with some doubts, and then he glanced at his Master’s cave dwelling once . He found it odd but he couldn’t quite figure out what it was that wasn’t right, therefore, he could only leave with the others .

Ruan Changchun only entered the cave dwelling once everyone had left . When he saw that Duan Mubai was still unconscious, he asked: “How is Eldest Senior Brother?”

“His injuries are quite serious . Luckily he’s already taken the pill to heal his internal injuries . However, the doctor said earlier that he will only regain consciousness one to two days later . Also, once he has regained consciousness, he can’t use his spiritual energy for one month . If he doesn’t take good care of himself while he is recovering, it will cause problems in the future . ”

The Third-ranked alchemist sighed softly and said: “Second Senior Brother, why do you think Master did this? This is Eldest Senior Brother! How could he lay such a heavy hand on him?”

Ruan Changchun waved his hand: “Enough, don’t discuss this matter anymore for the time being . Let’s just wait for Eldest Senior Brother to wake up first!” He pondered for a while, then said to the two of them: “There is one things however, that I want to discuss with the both of you . ”

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The two of them looked at each other and asked: “Is it about Junior Sister?”

Ruan Changchun glanced at them and nodded: “Yes, that’s right . I’m sure that the two of you have guessed by now that something is going on . This matter is indeed unusual, and in any place there would also be matters that are disreputable . However, the matter at hand implicates us and Junior Sister . So I want to know what your thoughts are on this matter . ”

“Second Senior Brother, just speak your mind, we are all ears . ” The two of them said in unison .

“Okay, so this is my plan . If it were down to us, we would definitely not be able to enter Master’s alchemy cave . However, other than us, no one else in Third Sun Peak is able to intervene in this matter . So my suggestion is that we go to the other Peaks since we are on familiar terms with their disciples, we will… . ”

He told the two of them his plan to go to the other Peaks to chat with the disciples there and while doing so, tell them of the news accidentally . He believed that once they heard of the news, they would report it to their Masters . That way, they would go and investigate the matter without them instigating them to .

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Now that the power of each Peak was even, and the strength of the Peak Masters were around the same, once they learnt that one of their peers was about to refine a Heaven-defying pill, they wouldn’t be able to sit still .

“Alright, we will go and get it done now . ” The two of them left after hearing what he had to say .

After Ruan Changchun watched them leave, he came outside to get a drink of water . After thinking upon it for a while, he felt anxious and also left . He felt that he also needed to make a trip in order to get it done quickly .

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