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Chapter 1492: 1492

“Master! Don’t make another mistake… . . ughh! Puff!”

Before he could finish speaking, he was struck by a blow to his chest by Master Third Sun who had raised his hand and sent the blow . He groaned and a mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth . He looked at his Master in disbelief, unable to accept the fact that his Master was the one who had hurt him .

In his heart, his Master was like a father to him . But now, the Master whom he had always respected had just hurt him… .

“This is your punishment for not following your Master’s orders! Get out of here immediately!” Master Third Sun glared at him with a somber face, his sharp eyes bored into him .

Duan Mubai wiped the blood from his mouth and remained kneeling on the ground . He raised his head and looked at his Master who was still standing behind the boundary barrier and threw his head forwards: “Master, I beg of you, please let Junior Sister go, Master, I beg of you, please let Junior Sister go… . ”

Upon hearing these words, Master Third Sun was furious . When he saw his other disciples arriving, he immediately raised his hand and condensed his spiritual energy and slammed his hand forwards once again .

The spiritual energy in his hand had turned into a fierce air current that slammed into Duan Mubai and threw him several meters away .

“Eldest Senior Brother!”

When the rest of them who had hurried over saw what had happened, they couldn’t help but exclaimed and quickly stepped forwards to help him up . However, when they saw Duan Mubai’s mouth filled with blood and his face pale as paper, they were shocked and quickly took a pill out for him to take .

“Eldest Senior Brother, Eldest Senior Brother, hang on!”

Oh my God!

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Why did Master hit him so hard? Was he trying to kill Eldest Senior Brother?

“Cough cough… . puff!” Duan Mubai coughed slightly and felt the blood gush out fiercely from his throat once again . He opened his mouth and tried to say something . However, as he was injured too seriously, his hand dropped down lifelessly and his eyes slowly closed as he passed out .

“Eldest Senior Brother! Eldest Senior Brother!”

They were shocked and shouted loudly but there was no response from him at all . The Second Senior Brother took the pulse of Duan Mubai and said to the others: “Eldest Senior Brother has only fainted, however, his internal organs are injured and he must be taken back for treatment soon . ”

“Then let’s take Eldest Senior Brother back for treatment!” The Third and Fourth alchemists said . They helped him up and looked back at their Master behind the boundary barrier, perplexed .

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They watched Master struck Eldest Senior Brother mercilessly . It was a blow from a Celestial Strong Exponent, yet Eldest Senior Brother didn’t avoid the blow . Did Master want to kill Eldest Senior Brother?

What had happened that made Master strike such a heavy hand?

“You two take Eldest Senior Brother back for treatment first . I will be along shortly . ” The Second Senior Brother said and motioned for them to leave first .

“All right, be careful Second Senior Brother . ”

The two of them said in lowered voices . After all, if Master could treat Eldest Senior Brother in such a manner, who knew what he would do to Second Senior Brother? When they thought of this, they felt uneasy in their hearts . What on earth was going on? Why did Junior Sister’s disappearance feel so messed up?

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“Hey, do you think I am like Eldest Senior Brother? At the first sign of trouble I will run . Don’t worry!” Ruan Changchun grinned . Although he was ranked second, his brain was definitely not so .

After he watched them leave, he adjusted his expression then stepped forward sullen-faced and came to the front of the boundary barrier . He stopped and bowed to his Master: “Disciple Changchun pays his respects to Master . ”

“Do you want to violate the order of your Master too?” Master Third Sun stared at Ruan Changchun coldly .

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