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Chapter 1489: 1489

“Damn it, my hands…”Looking at the bloody water, he immediately took the coat stained with blood off and took out the medicine to stop the bleeding . Because of the injury, his whole body’s aura was gloomy . If Shangguan Wanrong was not needed, perhaps he would have killed her to vent his anger .

Before long, he bandaged his wounds, took another outer clothing to cover, and stared at Shangguan Wanrong who laid unconscious on the ground . With a heavy groan, he dragged her inside .

Outside, at the ninth peak’s entrance, Duan Mubai told the two Nascent Soul cultivators, “I have something important to report to Master . ”

The two men glanced at him and replied in a calm voice, “The Peak Master has given an order: He’s in seclusion and no one can come see him in the meantime . ”

With bloodshot eyes, he yelled, “This is an emergency!”

“We only obey the orders of the Peak Master . If it’s an emergency, you are the Peak Master’s first disciple, so please handle the problem yourself . ” One of them said . They still wouldn’t let his pass .

“What if I have to go in?” Duan Mubai clenched his fists .

“Then, don’t blame us for being unkind!” They were also unyielding .

Duan Mubai took out his long sword with a whizzing sound . Spirit energy surged in his body and resolve emerged in his eyes . He shouted, “Today, I must go in and see Master! Anyone who dares to stop me, don’t blame me for being unkind!”

The two Nascent Soul cultivators saw this and were surprised . They looked at each other, but still didn’t give in . Instead, they kindled the spirit energy breath in their bodies and got ready to fight .

“You are not our opponent . Go back quickly, or we will send you back by force . ” A Nascent Soul cultivator said in a calm voice . However, immediately after he said this, Duan Mubai attacked them with a sword . Seeing this, one of them immediately started to attack .

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“I must go in today!”

The fierce sword intent carrying the Nascent Soul powerful pressure attacked him in an instant . Even if Duan Mubai was the same Nascent Soul cultivator as the two of them, the Nascent Soul who cultivated their combat skills and the Nascent Soul who cultivated spirit energy breath were not of the same kind .

Knowing full well that his strength was not their opponent, when he thought that Shangguan Wanrong was very likely to be in the hands of his Master, he could not play ignorant and looked on with unfeeling at the Master killing his disciple .

It will not only destroy his reputation and prestige, but also kill his Junior Sister . He was both a disciple and a senior brother . Since he knew, he couldn’t pretend not to know .

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A Nascent Soul cultivator flicked his sword and struck Duan Mubai out a few meters away . Seeing that he was the disciple of the peak master, the slap still spared his feelings .

“With us here, it’s impossible for you to get in . Don’t waste your time . ” As soon as the Nascent Soul cultivator stopped his attack, straightened his waist and looked at Duan Mubai who had withdrawn a few meters away .

He didn’t understand . What did this man do in there? His master gave him an order that he went into seclusion to refine pills, but he still wanted to go in and disturb his master? As an alchemist himself, didn’t he know that alchemists disliked being disturbed the most?

“Senior Brother? What are you doing here, Senior Brother?”

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Several other people who had received the news rushed over . They saw the angry Duan Mubai holding a sword and staring fixedly at the two Nascent Soul cultivators . They were and hurried to his side to support him .

“Senior Brother, what happened?”

They had strong affections as fellow disciples . When they saw Duan Mubai like this, they thought he had been bullied .

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