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Chapter 1488: 1488

He was frightened, afraid that things would really happen as he thought, so he rushed down quickly .

As soon as the disciple guarding the sect’s gate saw that it was Duan Mubai, he smiled and asked, “Martial Uncle Duan, how come you’re here? Where are you going in such a hurry?”

“I’ll go out and see what the noise is . Open the door . ” Duan Mubai answered with his face pale and his voice a little unsteady .

“Martial Uncle Duan, you don’t need to go out . Some disciples were already sent out to check . They will be back shortly . ”

“Open the gate!” He shouted loudly . His hands were tightly clenched into fists and blue veins came into view .

The disciple saw him and was frightened, He did not dare to say anything more . He opened the door for him in a hurry and let him out . Watching Duan Mubai swept outside with a whizzing sound, he couldn’t help murmuring, “What’s the matter with Martial Uncle Duan? Why did he act like a lunatic?”

“Wanrong? Wanrong? Junior Sister? Junior Sister…”

Duan Mubai shouted loudly . He looked around the forest like crazy . His voice carrying spirit energy breath echoed in the air and transmitted to the disciples’ ears .

“That sounds like Martial Uncle Mubai . ”

“He seemed to be shouting Martial Uncle Shangguan’s name . But, I heard she left the sect this morning . ”

A few disciples talked . After looking at each other, they went towards the source of the sound . Not long after, they saw Duan Mubai fumbled around and shouted, “Martial Uncle Duan, we found traces of struggle and blood in front of us . Would you like to have a look?”

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Duan Mubai’s heart seemed to sink to the bottom of the valley . Was that perhaps Junior Sister’s…

He staggered forward and followed them to the spot where the blood was . When he saw the traces around him and then saw the splash of blood on the ground, he trembled . “Where is the person? Did you see anyone? ”

“No . We only saw signs of struggle in this area when we came, but there was no one in sight . ”

A disciple answered . When he looked at the pale Duan Mubai, he hesitated and asked, “Martial Uncle Duan, were you calling Martial Uncle Shangguan just now? We heard that she left this morning . Rest assured, the person shouldn’t be her . ”

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Duan Mubai stood in a daze . It was as if he didn’t hear anything . Countless thoughts flashed through his mind . Not her? How could it not be her? She went out of the sect today . Although Master went into seclusion yesterday, who knew…!

Master…yes, Master!

He turned and hurried back as if he remembered something .

On the other side, Feng Jiu returned using the same road she went out and took a detour to the ninth peak from the back of the mountain . Master Third Sun set up layers upon layers of boundary and arrays here in order to prevent people to reach this place from the back area . Maybe it was because he was too confident that she could come and go freely .

While she climbed the ninth peak from the rearward, Master Third Sun imprisoned the unconscious Shangguan Wanrong inside his pill-refining cave . His eyes were gloomy as he saw the wounds on his body and several claw marks on his arms .

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Who on earth was it? Who on earth knew that he would attack Shangguan Wanrong?

Duan Mubai? It couldn’t be him . His contract beast is just a peak-level sacred beast . But, if it’s not him, who else?

Cloud Devouring Beast was a ferocious and war-loving beast . He was also an alchemist . Even if he had cultivated to Celestial level, he focused on cultivating spirit energy breath . Combat skills were not as important as refining pills for them . Therefore, if they really fought head-on, he was unsure whether he could surpass such a beast of war .

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