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Chapter 1487: 1487

“Do you want the person? Alright, here you go!”

When Master Third Sun saw the Cloud Devouring Beast pounced on him and went to attack with its sharp claws, he became fierce . He immediately pushed Shangguan Wanrong forward and used her as a human flesh shield .


Shangguan Wanrong, who was gripped and pushed forward, only felt the sharp claws attacking her head-on . It was very frightening and murderous . At this time, however, the beast’s attack on her was quickly withdrawn . Due to the sharp retraction momentum, the beast swung heavily to the other side to avoid attacking her .

She was stunned to see the trace of the beast’s heavy fall on the ground . However, just as she wanted to speak, she was hit hard on the back of her neck and fainted .


Cloud Devouring Beast jumped up quickly to catch up, but the opponent unexpectedly threw something and it exploded with a bang . A foul odour dispersed . The beast felt weak in its legs and laid sprawling on the ground . It could only watch the man escape carrying its mistress’ mother and left without a trace after only a few breaths…

On the other side, Feng Jiu, who had released her acupoints, didn’t leave from the main gate . Instead, she went around to the back mountain where the sheer cliffs and precipitous rocks made it impossible to climb . The only way to use it was to fly . However, there was a boundary and an array to prevent disciples from entering and leaving from the back mountain . However, the boundary and array had no great effect on her .

However, due to the size of the back mountain and its vast land area, she even passed by Master Third Sun who carried her mother on his shoulders . However, she had no idea at all . When she quickly swept past the array, crossed the boundary and came out to look for Cloud Devouring Beast’s breath, she saw the beast shook its fur while trying to stand up .

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“Cloud Devouring Beast, where’s my mother?” Her heart sunk as she smelled the scent of blood in the air and traces of blood on the ground .

“She was snatched back by the old man . ” Cloud Devouring Beast answered guiltily . “Mistress, the old man’s fighting strength is not high, he’s fearsome in his use of medicine . I don’t know what kind of medicine it was to render me powerless and unable to chase . ”

Normally, ordinary drugs and poisons wouldn’t have any effect on a divine beast . However, that thing’s origin was unknown and even a divine beast couldn’t escape from it .

“Which way did he go? Did he escape from the back of the mountain? ” Her eyes fell in the direction when she came . She thought that Master Third Sun would attack her mother outside, but she did not expect that he would bring her back to the sect again .

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To do such a thing, he must have been afraid that people would know . He could only enter the sect from the back mountain and return to the Third Sun Peak . If so…

She took a deep breath and thought quickly . He took her mother back, did he really want to use her body as a human furnace? If that was the case, she must be kept alive in order to let the spiritual breath work in the body .

“Cloud Devouring Beast, get inside the space! We’re going back!” She said, holding out her hand and letting the beast go back into space .

As she saw the traces of fighting around her, her gaze turned cold . She left the place quickly and then used the same road she came in to go back . Since her mother was in Third Sun Peak, she must go back! She believed that she could find the chance to rescue her mother!

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Meanwhile, inside the sect, people heard the faint noise of scuffle and were surprised . Since the sound came from the Pill Sun Sect’s vicinity, they sent their disciples to investigate .

Duan Mubai looked for Feng Jiu to no avail . When he heard the noise, his heart turned heavy . He faintly sensed a bad premonition…

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