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Chapter 1479: 1479

Seeing the boy smile with his eyes narrowed to crescents, Duan Mubai held back the raging fire in his heart . He wanted to vent his anger but couldn’t find any way to let it out . He obviously sensed that there was something unusual about this boy . Regrettably, this boy didn’t do anything excessive, making him feel both helpless and choked with resentment .

“Senior Brother, Junior Sister is coming out . ”

When she heard the voice from behind, Feng Jiu looked at Duan Mubai with a smile . “Martial Uncle Duan, Martial Uncle Shangguan has come out of seclusion . If there’s nothing else, I’ll go and have a look first . ”

Duan Mubai frowned and turned back wordlessly .

Feng Jiu walked slowly behind . When her mother came out, her mother’s gaze overlooked the crowd and fell on her with a gentle smile . Seeing this, she responded with a big grin and waved to her .

Duan Mubai followed Shangguan Wanrong’s line of sight and saw Feng Jiu again . Seeing the interaction between them, a contemplative light flashed in his eyes .

“Junior Sister, you’re so awesome . You entered Nascent Soul within three months!”

“Junior Sister, how on earth did you accomplish this feat?”

“Junior Sister, congratulations!”

“Congratulations, Martial Uncle Shangguan…”

The crowd shouted their congratulations every now and again . This time, Duan Mubai came forward and told her in a low voice, “Junior Sister, now that you came out of seclusion, go with us! Master was here just now and asked you to go see him at the ninth peak . He has something to tell you . ”

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“Alright . ” Shangguan Wanrong replied, then she followed them to the ninth peak . Before leaving, she cast a reassuring glance at Feng Jiu, telling her that there’s nothing to worry about .

Feng Jiu walked behind the crowd but did not follow them going up the peak . She intended to wait for her mother to come back and then ask for the news .

Meanwhile, at the ninth peak, the direct disciples of each Peak Masters sent gifts in person, hoping to meet the Shangguan Wanrong whose name they only heard but had never met .

Master Third Sun chatted with those disciples and asked them to thank their masters on his behalf . Not long after, a disciple came to report that Duan Mubai had come . With a smile, Master Third Sun told them, “They’re all here . You’ve seen some of my disciples before, however, the youngest one, Wanrong, you have never met, so I will take this opportunity to introduce her . In two days, I will send her out to take care of some business . I don’t think she’ll be back so soon . ”

“Also, Junior Sister Shangguan was so favoured by the Peak Master . Now that she has advanced to Nascent Soul, it’s a must to send her on a trip to gain experience outside . ” A middle-aged man nearby smiled and nodded .

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“Yes, I heard that Junior Sister Shangguan not only has combat skills, but her alchemy skill is not inferior to her several senior brothers . I believe that she will definitely be on a higher level after returning from the trip . ”

“It’s a good thing we got here in time! Otherwise, we won’t be able to meet Junior Sister Shangguan . ”

“Right, right . ”

Some of them spoke with a smile . Before long, several people headed by Duan Mubai come in .

“We pay respects to Master . ” They saluted to him, then cupped their fists to salute the crowd on the opposite side . “Senior Brothers, Junior Brothers, I hope you’re all well . ”

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“Hahaha, Junior Brother Duan, I haven’t seen you for ages . If my master hasn’t told me to come and send gifts this time, I’m afraid it would be difficult to see you!”

“Senior Brother Li is busy refining pills, so of course it’s rare for you to go out and walk around . ” Duan Mubai spoke with a smile . “Why don’t we find the time to drink a few cups of wine and chat freely?”

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