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Published at 29th of October 2020 04:43:53 AM

Chapter 1464: Chapter 1464 - Explanation

Immediately afterwards, when he watched Feng Jiu’s fluid movements, proficient and smooth, he was dumbfounded and his mind was blank at the shocking scene in front of him .

He never knew that when bones were misaligned, they could be treated this way . He also never knew that there would be someone who would be able to do something like this and that someone in the world would have such superb medical skills…

When he heard the cold, calm voice instruct him to wipe the sweat, he followed Feng Jiu’s instructions and wiped the sweat at regular intervals .

When the voice said to stop the bleeding, he picked up the tweezers and clamped the gauze to stop the bleeding… . .

After some time, his whole body felt dizzy . When he saw Feng Jiu holding a needle with an embroidery thread suturing the wound on Chen Dao’s back, he opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say .

So human flesh could be sewed like clothes… .

“All right, the operation is complete . ” Feng Jiu exhaled lightly . After about four hours, the operation was finally completed and the situation wasn’t too bad either .

The speed of recovering would have been faster had she held the misaligned bones with something to hold it in place . However, that was too troublesome as she would have to operate on him again to remove it . Hence, she used another method .

He would heal naturally . Although the healing process would take longer, at least he wouldn’t have to endure another operation .

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“It’s done? It’s done?” Luo Heng muttered . After he saw Feng Jiu nod her head, he fell over with a loud bang .

“Hey?” Feng Jiu was startled and looked dumbfounded at Luo Heng who had collapsed on the floor and passed out . What happened?

She stepped forward to check on him and found that he had fainted from shock and there was nothing wrong with him . Hence, she ignored him and used the time to make an ointment instead .

She had also prepared a bottle of liquid medicine and retrieved a blade of Specter Grass leaf from space to put into the bottle of liquid medicine . Once the liquid medicine was ready, she fed it to Chen Dao .

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“Speaking of which, you are so lucky that I picked the Specter Grass herb when I entered the Secret Realm this time . It will help to speed up your recovery . ” She chuckled . Although she had vitality she could use to heal Chen Dao’s wound quickly, that would arouse suspicion . Therefore, the stitches could only be removed after applying the ointment for a few days .

Luo Heng was awakened by the cold from lying on the floor all night . When he leapt up, he saw Feng Jiu at the table mixing medicines and asked: “What are you doing?”

“You’re awake?” She glanced at him and said: “Just in time, come over here, I have something to say to you . ”

“Oh . ” He responded and walked over instinctively . When he came to Feng Jiu’s side, his expression was strange as he wondered why he was so obedient .

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“This is ointment . It can only be applied after I remove his stitches three days later . As it’s still not healed, we can only apply some anti-inflammatory liquid medicine . In addition, Chen Dao has to drink a bottle of this liquid medicine everyday over the next three days . You will be in charge of looking after him . I have some matters to attend to so I may not be able to look after him . ”

As Feng Jiu spoke, she handed over the different types of medicines to him and said: “Also, in order to prevent him from getting too emotional, I have fed him some medicine so he will be in a coma over the next few days . Therefore, this medicine to replenish his body energy must also be given to him . ”

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