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Published at 20th of October 2020 03:25:06 PM
Chapter 1454: 1454
Chapter 1454 Who is it?

“Senior Brother Chen, I can only stabilize the internal injury in your body first . As for the lower backbone, I can only ask someone to help you heal after returning to the sect . ” Luo Heng sighed . “Luckily, it’s not long to get out of here . Otherwise, your injuries…Ah, it’s really worrying!”

Meanwhile, on the Thousand Medicines Mountain, Shangguan Wanrong who had already collected all the three spirit herbs and Feng Jiu were now going down the mountain .

When they were on the mountain, they heard a rumbling sound from below . For some reason, the whole forest seemed to shake and caused a surge of beast tide . Ferocious beasts and spirit beasts from the deepest part of the forest rushed toward the outer part while some others came towards the mountain . They both were very puzzled to see this strange phenomenon .

It was perfectly alright . How could the beast tide happen? Those ferocious beasts seemed to be running away from something . And that roar, what was the matter?

“Wasn’t that sound just now like the pill furnace’s explosion?” Shangguan Wanrong asked . She suddenly came to and said with a chuckle, “Yes, you can’t refine medicinal pills . You won’t know how a furnace breaking sounds . ”

Hearing this, Feng Jiu smiled with her eyes narrowed . “I can refine pills! It’s just that I don’t refine pills at the sect . The sound of furnace breaking is familiar to me because I’ve broken a lot of them too . It sounded like someone down there was refining medicinal pills . ”

“But, who would refine pills at the foot of Thousand Medicines Mountain? Senior Brothers certainly won’t . Can they be from other peaks? ” She murmured with a trace of doubt on her face .

When they went down, after a distance, maybe medicinal scent in the air was diffused by the breeze . Feng Jiu, walking next to Shangguan Wanrong, halted her steps and looked down .

This medicine…

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“What happened?” Shangguan Wanrong asked when she saw Feng Jiu stopped .

“The medicinal scent in the air is poisonous . ” Feng Jiu spoke slowly . With narrowed eyes, she gazed downward . “As expected, there are people refining medicinal pills below . I’m afraid it is poison . As it can make so many ferocious beasts rush out, the poison is very unusual and extremely domineering . ”


Shangguan Wanrong was stunned and her expression changed . “You know it’s toxic just by smelling it in the air?” She sniffed . ” The scent in the air was so faint that I can’t tell what kind of poison it is . ”

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While saying this, she didn’t feel at ease . She took out some medicinal pills and poured one for Feng Jiu . “This is my antidote pill . Take one . Even if you don’t get poisoned, there is nothing wrong . ”

“Of course, it’s because I am not only an alchemist but also a physician!” Feng Jiu chuckled . She spoke in a good mood . “You can keep this! I’m already immune to poison . I don’t need a Detoxification Pill . Common poisons won’t affect me . ”

When Shangguan Wanrong heard this, she looked at Feng Jiu with surprise . Common poisons wouldn’t affect her? Really? Did she meet danger at that place, too? Did someone often give her so that she became immune to poisons now?

“Let’s go quickly! Go down and have a look . Maybe that man hasn’t run far . ”

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She took the lead to walk at the front . She was baffled . Who on earth refined the poison pills below? Moreover, the poison pill that could make the ferocious beasts impatient to move must be extraordinary . This man’s alchemy level was absolutely not simple .

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