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Published at 18th of October 2020 03:33:47 PM
Chapter 1445: Chapter 1445 - Be Alone
Chapter 1445 Be Alone

“It’s okay, I can protect myself . ”

Shangguan Wanrong was about to speak when she saw that Duan Mubai had walked over to speak to Feng Jiu with a serious expression on his face: “You’re just an errand boy, how will you protect yourself? Get out of here with them quickly . ”

When she heard this, Feng Jiu blinked and walked over to Shangguan Wanrong’s side: “Martial Uncle Shangguan, let me come along! I really won’t give you any trouble at all . I have made it here after much difficulty so I would like to come along to pick some medicinal herbs too!”

She paused slightly and the continued speaking after she glanced at Duan Mubai: “Besides, there’s no rule against disciples who have come in here for training to stay away from this Thousand Medicines Mountain! Even if you won’t let me follow you, I will still go into Thousand Medicines Mountain, I will just stay away from you!”

Upon hearing this, Shangguan Wanrong’s eyes flickered and she looked deeply at Feng Jiu then said: “In that case, then come along!”

“Junior Sister . ”

“Senior Brother, you should go and finish your task! Nothing will happen to me here . Even if something were to happen, it would probably be when I return to the Sect . At that time, if I am unable to help myself, then please save my life Senior Brother . ”

Her voice paused slightly and she looked into the distance sighing softly: “I still have wishes I have yet to fulfill, people I still want to meet . ”

She was not afraid of death, she was only afraid that she wouldn’t get to meet her daughter and the man who was hidden deep within her heart… .

As Feng Jiu looked at the expression on her face and her helplessness, she felt a twitch in her heart . Mother, are you thinking of Father and me? Are you hoping to come back to see us? Actually, I am here, right here in front of you .

When Duan Mubai heard this, his expression stiffened and he nodded solemnly: “Rest assured Junior Sister, I promise to help you . ” He looked at her deeply and still feeling unsure, he reminded her: “In that case, you must be careful entering Thousand Medicines Mountain . ”

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“I will . ” Shangguan Wanrong nodded in response and watched him as he walked towards the other two Senior Brothers and left together .

“Let’s go!” She looked at Feng Jiu and turned around to walk forwards .

Feng Jiu followed behind, her mouth opened as if she wanted to say something but didn’t know how to say it .

Should she tell her directly that she was her daughter? She was Feng Qing Ge? Would she believe it? Even she couldn’t quite believe it if she had said it . How could someone who belonged to a Ninth Grade Country come to the Eight Supreme Empires and stand in front of her?

If she had said that, it would seem like she was sent to spy on her and get close to her .

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As she thought of this, she couldn’t help but scratch her head in annoyance . Sigh, why was it so difficult to acknowledge your own relative?

Shangguan Wanrong who was walking ahead could feel the youth staring at her from behind, and from the sound of his breathing, he seemed perturbed by something .

However, since he didn’t say anything, she didn’t ask either, after all, it was his privacy .

She slowed down and looked ahead and said: “The Thousand Medicines Mountain has air restrictions so we can only go around from this side and go up from the other side . Follow me closely . Some of the medicinal herbs are poisonous so don’t touch anything without asking or you might get poisoned . ”

“Yes . ” Feng Jiu replied and quickly walked up to her side . After glancing at her, she walked forwards with her .

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The two of them were alone, there would be many chances to reconcile with each other . She had to find a good opportunity or her mother might think that she was sent to spy on her and would become wary of her .

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