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Chapter 1442: 1442
Chapter 1442 Senior Brother Won’t Harm You

After she looked at the mountain in front of her, she took out her flying sword to fly up the mountain . The mountain wall on this side was too steep and she could only go up to look for the medicinal herbs .

However, when she took her sword out and approached the mountain, a coercive force struck her and violently lifted her in midair . Her whole body lost balance as she fell .


She exclaimed . Because the coercive force had caused her to lose her balance, she was unable to stabilize her body when she fell . Just as she was falling, a figure swept in and caught her .

Shangguan Wanrong was startled and slightly surprised when she saw who had caught her: “Eldest Senior Brother? What are you doing here?” She steadied herself once her feet were on the ground and backed away from him hurriedly, her expression complicated as she looked at the person standing in front of her .

The man looked about thirty years old and was dressed in an azure robe, his ink black hair was tied back and his face was well-shaped and handsome . In a world of cultivating immortals with handsome men and beautiful women, he was not considered handsome .

However, he had a calm breath exuding from his body and his deep set eyes glowed with wisdom . His whole body exuded the stability and courage of a mature man . At this moment, he looked at Shangguan Wanrong who had stepped away from him . Though he withdrew his hand with a neutral expression on his face, there was a sense of melancholy in his heart .

“Junior Sister, you can’t pick the medicinal herbs from this mountain . ” He looked at her and said in a deep voice .

Upon hearing this, Shangguan Wanrong’s eyes flickered: “Eldest Senior Brother knows I am here to pick medicinal herbs?”

Didn’t Master say that he had only told her about this matter? Wasn’t she the only one who was supposed to come to this mountain to pick the medicinal herbs? Didn’t he say that Eldest Senior Brother and the rest had other orders? Why… . .

Sensing her doubts, Duan Mubai sighed lightly: “Master didn’t tell us that you are coming to Thousand Medicines Mountain to pick medicinal herbs, but we know about it . Junior Sister, we have followed Master for so many years, Master’s affairs cannot be hidden from us, you know… . ”

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He paused, as if he didn’t know how to say it, as if what he wanted to say was difficult to put into words .

Shangguan Wanrong frowned slightly: “Isn’t it just picking medicinal herbs? Is there something else that I don’t know about?”

Duan Mubai looked at her and his eyes flickered slightly as he replied: “Stretch out your hand . ”

She hesitated for a while when she heard that request before she stretched out her hand . She watched as he placed his finger on her pulse point and carefully analysed her pulse . When she saw this, she wondered, what was this about? Was there something wrong with her body?

Impossible, if there was something wrong with her body she would know about it . After all, she was an alchemist and she was versed in medical knowledge .

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After a while, Duan Mubai retracted his hand and sighed: “Master is indeed worthy of his status . I am useless, I can’t detect the abnormality in your body . But I can tell you that you can’t go and pick the medicinal herbs . If you do, you will lose your life . ”


She didn’t understand . Although Master was stricter with her and didn’t allow her to go out nor allow her to have much contact with her Senior Brothers, he would refine pills for her from time to time for her to improve her strength . Why would he harm her?

Moreover, she was always careful in handling things . Even if Master had given her pills, she would always check that it was non-toxic and harmless to the body before she took them . Therefore, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it .

Duan Mubai looked at her calmly and said slowly: “Junior Sister, do as I say! After you leave this place, just make up a reason to explain why you were unable to pick the medicinal herbs, Senior Brother won’t harm you . ”

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