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Published at 14th of October 2020 07:55:06 PM
Chapter 1439: 1439
Chapter 1439 Who Is He?


The wolves’ blood had provoked the wolves and brought out their nature even more . They roared ferociously and their razor sharp wolf claws were like sharp blades when they were drawn, leaving deep claw marks on the tree trunk .

As more and more wolves joined the pile of wolf corpses on the ground, everyone on the tree couldn’t help but swallow involuntarily, horror and fear blatant in their eyes . The youth that was circling the wolf pack actually took the lives of the fierce beasts so easily, like that of a Slaying God . They couldn’t even see a single wound on his body, and the blood that was splashed onto his azure clothes belonged to the giant wolves… .


A long howl of a wolf came and the remaining seven of eight wolves stared at Feng Jiu unwillingly, grinning and hissing . In the end, they could only retreat in haste howling as they fled .

Feng Jiu’s gaze swept across and she saw the Wolf King standing far away at a distance . After looking at the Wolf King, she turned back and knelt down and then started digging the beast crystals out of the giant wolves .

At this point, when the alchemists on the tree saw that the danger had been removed, they let out a breath of relief softly . They looked at each other and felt comfortable enough to come down from the tree . They adjusted their robes and tried hard to maintain their noble bearing as alchemists .

However, each one of them had panicked and pale faces, and some were still trembling slightly . There was no colour in their faces at all, but it was funny to see them struggle to maintain their dignity .

After she had put away the beast crystals, Feng Jiu turned around to face the two men behind her and stretched out her hand . She revealed a harmless smile and said: “You haven’t given me my reward yet . ”

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The two of them were momentarily startled . When they thought back to the brutality she exerted when she killed the wolves, their hearts trembled and they immediately opened their cosmos sacks to take out a good amount of gold and jewels and placed them in Feng Jiu’s hands .

When they saw Feng Jiu checking the weight of the gold and jewels in her hands, the two men said hastily: “That’s all we have . You don’t need to use gold coins in the Secret Realm so we haven’t got much with us . We have lots of medicinal pills if you want them . ”

When they said those words, the two men felt strange, even the people next to them felt weird about the situation, and their expressions showed their confusion .

In the past, people usually begged them to give or sell medicinal pills to them . This was the first time they had to ask an errand boy if they wanted their medicinal pills, and they were giving them away for free too . This was indeed a strange feeling for them .

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“Forget it . Although we are from different peaks, after all, we belong to the same Sect . I won’t be so calculative with you . ”

She smiled and put away the items in her hands then said to them: “You better get to the outermost area quickly! There are more than just giant wolves in the depths of the forest . If you get surrounded, you will lose your lives for sure . Don’t die for some spirit herbs that you have never even seen before . ”

As she looked at the alchemists who were being lectured by her like young children, Feng Jiu had to suppress the weird feeling and gather her composure . She coughed lightly: “Well, if there is nothing else then I shall be leaving . In the future please take care of me when we are back in the Sect . ”

Everyone was shocked when they heard this and said hurriedly: “Of course, of course . ”

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They watched the youth nod his head and leave . After his azure figure had disappeared into the forest, everyone recovered from their daze and looked at each other: “Who is he? Does anyone know his name?”

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