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Chapter 1436: 1436

When she saw that they were all members of the Sect, she walked over: “What happened to all of you? Did you encounter a fierce beast?”The sudden sound they heard had made the ten of them jump up in fright .

Some of them were covering their wounds, and some exclaimed in fright . When they saw the youth in cyan coloured robes walk out, they stared at him .

“Who are you?”

“Oh, I am also a member of the Pill Sun Sect, I’m from Third Sun Peak . ” She was stunned for a moment, then smiled with a silly grin on her face .

One of the alchemists was frowning as he stared at Feng Jiu: “You are from Pill Sun Sect? How did a Foundation Formation Cultivator get in here?”

“I remember now, Chen Dao brought him in . I saw him following Chen Dao, he is definitely an errand boy from the Third Sun Peak . ” Another alchemist said and when he realised that he was indeed a member of their sect, he let out a breath of relief .

As long as they knew that he wouldn’t be a threat to them it was fine .

“Did you encounter a fierce beast? Why are all of you injured?”

She asked out of curiosity as these men were Golden Core cultivators and one of them was even a Nascent Soul cultivator . How did they get this awkward? Could it be that these alchemists only cultivated spiritual power and not practiced their combative power? What a waste of their strength rank .

“None of your business!” An alchemist said as he applied medicine to his wound . However, he had hurt his hand and was unable to bandage it after he had applied the medicine . Therefore, he shouted over to Feng Jiu: “Come and help me bandage my wound . ”

After hearing those words and seeing that no one was willing to answer her questions, showing obvious disdain at her status as an errand boy, she smiled and said: “But that’s none of my business!”

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When everyone heard this, they were shocked, and then furious: “You’re just an errand boy, you should count yourself lucky that we would think highly enough of you to allow you to come near us and bandage our wounds . ”

Feng Jiu waved her hand: “Forget it, I am just an errand boy, but I didn’t come in here to help you bandage your wounds . ” She chuckled and said: “You’re all alchemists, can’t you help each other bandage your wounds? Why do you need an errand boy like me to do it?”

Upon hearing Feng Jiu’s words, everyone’s expressions wavered slightly . When they realised that Feng Jiu was seriously not going to help them bandage their wounds, their faces darkened in anger . This errand boy was too presumptuous! They would make him suffer after they returned to the Sect .


Suddenly a howl of a wolf could be heard, followed by intervals of wolves howling . When they heard the sounds of the wolves howling, the expressions of the ten alchemists changed and they stood up immediately .

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“It’s a pack of wolves!”

“It’s a pack of wolves! What should we do?”

As she watched their pale stricken faces, Feng Jiu leant against a tree leisurely and said: “It must be a pack of wolves . Your bodies are covered in blood and the scent of blood is so strong that I could smell it from a few hundred metres away, let alone these wolves that like to feast on human meat . ”

When they heard Feng Jiu’s words, someone panicked: “Quick! Let’s get out of here!” They would only be safe if they left the depths of the forest and went to the outermost area of the forest .

At this moment, they were filled with regret . If they hadn’t come inside to pick precious spirit herbs, they wouldn’t have put themselves in such grave danger .

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The sounds of the wolves howling drew nearer and nearer and they seemed to have surrounded them in a semi-circle . The ten alchemists tried to move towards the outermost area when they heard a howling of a wolf and stopped in cold sweat .

“We have been surrounded… . . ”

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