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Published at 11th of October 2020 04:48:31 PM
Chapter 1435: Chapter 1435 - I Have Little Black At Home
Chapter 1435 I Have Little Black At Home


She called out from the tree and threw some little branches down . When she saw that the female bear was lying motionless on her stomach, she jumped down from the tree . As she was approaching the bear and was about to help it remove the arrow from its back, she saw the female bear raise its head suddenly and pounced at her .


“Huh! How crafty!”

She whispered and retreated quickly on her toes, avoiding the female bear’s attack . When she saw that its eyes were filled with anger and hatred, she knew that it must be angry .

“I didn’t hurt you, it’s useless getting angry at me!” She waved her hand and sighed: “Shall I help you remove the arrow from your back? Even if you can withstand the poison, it’s not a good idea to leave the arrow wedged in your back, right?”

“Roar roar!”

“Enough, stop shouting, do you really think I can’t defeat you!” She rolled her eyes and glanced at the female bear . In the next moment, two silver needles appeared between her fingers and the corners of her lips curled up slightly, revealing a sly smile .

“For my Little Black, I will take you in!”

As soon as she had finished speaking, the two silver needles flew out with a swish and pierced the female bear that was just about to pounce . The female bear let out a long howl and her whole body plunged forward and it collapsed onto the ground .


As she looked at the weak fallen female bear, Feng Jiu smiled and stepped forward: “See? I didn’t lie, did I? You really aren’t my opponent . ”

She came to the female bear’s back and inspected the wound then her eyebrows twisted slightly: “These kinds of sleeved arrows are barbed . If I were to just pull it out, a chunk of flesh would probably be pulled out along with it . Tsk tsk, I don’t know what kind of person would use sleeved arrows, let alone barbed ones . ”

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As she murmured to herself, she took out her dagger . Since she was unable to pull out the sleeved arrow directly, she had no choice but to cut open the wound to remove the sleeved arrow . Fortunately, she had anaesthetic drugs that she applied to the wound before she started .

After about the time it took half a stick of incense stick to burn, a sleeved arrow that was dripping in blood was finally removed from the giant bear’s back . Feng Jiu had applied medicine to the wound before she bandaged it . After she cleaned her hands, she gave the brown bear a pill to eat and then removed the two silver needles from the bear’s body .

“All done . ”

She backed away a few steps then smiled and asked: “Did you take an antidote for poison? Otherwise, why are you not affected by the poison? Are there spirit herbs in this forest that can cure hundreds of poison?”

She thought about it and decided that it was a strong possibility .


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The brown bear gave a low growl, still wary . However, after seeing that Feng Jiu had taken no further action, its roar lowered even more and it lay on its stomach . Once it had recovered its physical strength, it leapt up sharply and ran into the forest quickly .

“Hey, you’re leaving just like that?” Feng Jiu stared after it and shouted: “I really have a Little Black at home to be your companion . ”


It’s only response was a roar and then it ran away, its thumping sound getting more and more distant .

Upon seeing this, she could only shake her head and continue walking towards the forest . It was more important to find her mother! She wondered what spirit herb Master Third Sun had wanted her mother to pick . The more precious the spirit herb, the more dangerous it was . Would she be in danger entering the depths of the forest by herself?

In the evening, when the smell of blood had permeated through the air, she paused, then headed towards the direction of the scent of blood .

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About three hundred metres away, she saw ten alchemists panting and sitting under a tree resting . They looked scared out of their wits with multiple wounds on their bodies and blood oozing out of their wounds .

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