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Published at 7th of October 2020 03:50:08 AM
Chapter 1428: 1428
Chapter 1428 How to slip away?

Feng Jiu couldn’t help grinning at the dark green gallbladder poured on the unconscious men . The earth-drilling dragon’s gallbladder was also medicine, but, if unprocessed, it had a bitter and fishy taste . It was really unpalatable .

However, it certainly had a miraculous effect . Not long after that, the first person receiving the poured gallbladder woke up with a cough .


Luo Heng choked up and awakened . He had a bitter and fishy taste in his mouth . When he smacked his lips to taste it, he glimpsed what Chen Dao was doing from the corner of his eyes . He suddenly fell on his stomach and vomited .


“Hey, Senior Brother Luo, you took the earth-drilling dragon’s gallbladder, not a poison . It just doesn’t taste very good . ” Feng Jiu grinned widely at Luo Heng who looked up for a glimpse then vomiting violently on the ground .

Some of the alchemists were watching from the side . Their gazes were fixed at Feng Jiu for a while, both with shame and curiosity at this young errand boy .

Throughout the whole journey, this young errand boy was more adaptable to this environment than they were . Compared with him, they were just like pampered sons of wealthy families who had not experienced pain and were incompatible with this forest .

However, this young errand boy was not the same . His strength was clearly at the Foundation Building level, yet he was bold and careful . When they retreated, he stepped forward . With this scene in mind, they could only treat him differently .

“Why am I covered in mud?” Luo Heng looked at Feng Jiu inquiringly . “I clearly remember to be dragged away by an icy-cold thing . After that, I lost consciousness . ”

“It was an earth-drilling dragon that dragged you into the quicksand pond . ” Feng Jiu pointed to the quicksand pond nearby and said with a smile, “It was Senior Brother Chen and me who helped you guys up . ”

Hearing this, those people looked at each other and then stood up and cupped their fists to thank Chen Dao .

“Thank you so much, Senior Brother Chen . ”

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“Many thanks, Junior Brother Chen . ”

However, they were unanimous in ignoring Feng Jiu . In their eyes, she’s just an errand boy . There was no need for them to thank her nor could she afford their gratitude .

When Feng Jiu saw those people not only not thanking her but also directly ignoring her, she only smiled and said nothing .

“Thank you, Feng Jiu . I’ll invite you for a drink when we go back . ” Luo Heng reached forward to pat Feng Jiu’s shoulder, but unexpectedly, his muddy hand hit empty space .

“Senior Brother Luo, I’m still clean!” Feng Jiu stepped three steps back and smiled with her eyes squinted .

Luo Heng Leng for a moment and then smiled . “Alright, alright . I know my hand is muddy, so I won’t touch you . ” He looked around . “We have to find a place to wash and change clothes! I feel so uncomfortable getting all muddy . ”

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“There’s a stream ahead . Come with me . ” Chen Dao said, taking them along with him .

Feng Jiu walked leisurely behind them . She felt like slipping away . But, she knew that if she disappeared, even if others wouldn’t look for her, Chen Dao definitely would do so .

But if she told him directly that she wanted to go solo, what kind of excuse should be used? And even if she told him, he probably wouldn’t agree . After all, in his eyes, she was a Foundation Building cultivator .

“So troublesome!”

She sighed helplessly . She had no other option but to follow them . She only hoped that they would go directly to the deepest part . Perhaps there would be a chance to meet her mother .

“Feng Jiu, there’s a mountain spring here . Do you want to come over to bathe?”

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