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Chapter 1426: 1426
Chapter 1426 Fertilizer

“Whoosh! Whoa!”

Feng Jiu, who already walked over to the side, saw Chen Dao’s sword was raised high and plunged hard at the dragon . With a whimper, the dragon was cut into two . The dirt in the earth-drilling dragon sprayed out and splashed all over the ground . The whole air was filled with a foul smell .

Several alchemists at the back were relieved to see this . It’s good that the beast had died .

However, as soon as the dragon’s stench had cleared, there was a rustling sound again in the dark of the night . In the blink of an eye, a dozen or so strong earth-drilling dragons leapt out in front of them and some of their tails rolled towards their feet .

“Ah! So many!”

Several alchemists leapt to dodge the beasts and jumped into the trees, while some of them took out medicine and sprinkled them to prevent the earth-drilling dragons from approaching . Even Chen Dao was stunned for a moment .

However, it was not difficult to deal with this thing because it was afraid of fire . When he saw that the alchemists were climbing up the tree like monkeys and hiding, he was so furious that he blew his beard and glared at them .

“Aren’t you ashamed? How old are you to climb up onto a tree like monkeys and hide? Do you plan to leave these bugs to me to kill? Are you so disloyal and have no guts? You all lost faces!”

Being scolded by him, some of them blushed and some others ashamed . However, they didn’t go down from the tree . “Senior Brother Chen, you are the team leader . Naturally, you have to shoulder the responsibility of protecting us, right? Don’t think being the team leader is for nothing, ah!”

“Besides, our combat skills are not good . But, Senior Brother Chen, you are different! In your eyes, those earth-drilling dragons are small bugs . In our eyes, they are big ones . You can kill them with one sword while we may be swallowed at any time when we go down . ”

When he heard this, Chen Dao felt both amused and angry . Look at these people, what kind of talk was this? Why make so many excuses for being a coward? They truly lost their face as a man .

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While still deep in thought, Chen Dao saw an earth-drilling dragon that had a less dark tone scuttling toward him . He snorted, Once the blade in his hand had ample fire power, he swung it down and chopped the dragon into two . Having a mischievous idea, he used the blade to fling the two chopped parts of the earth-drilling dragon toward several people sitting atop the trees .

Those people suddenly sensed a thing flying their side and bumped into their arms with a thud . When they felt a cold touch in their arms, they looked down and couldn’t help but scream .


Then, Chen Dao tossed each earth-drilling dragon that he had killed at them . His most nefarious idea was to shoot a smaller dragon toward the people on the tree .

“Ah! Chen Dao! There’s no one as outrageous as you!”

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Some people exclaimed, while some others vomited . For a moment, several people on the tree huddled in confusion . They had no other choice but getting down from the tree . However, their bodies were covered with the earth-drilling dragon’s body fluid that smelled really bad .

“Senior Brother Chen, they’re here!”

Feng Jiu’s voice was heard from their front . Chen Dao solved the problem of the earth-drilling dragons and then leapt to where Feng Jiu was . Luo Heng and several others were lying unconscious in the mud pit . Although they were motionless, judging from their breaths, they should have no big problems .

Seeing that those few people were all right, Chen Dao could not help but smile and jokingly said, “Hey, were they caught to be made fertilizers?”

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