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Published at 5th of October 2020 03:55:08 AM
Chapter 1425: 1425
Chapter 1425 The earth-drilling dragon

What was that thing that stretches out to grab a man and drag him away? It was silent, but it could not have been a ghost, for none of the bells at her waist rang and the place was obviously very clean .

The two walked in front while a few others followed behind with their teeth clenched . When a slight rustle came, Feng Jiu gazed at the flame and saw a thick black rattan that looked like an arm shuttling through the grass towards them .

She stopped and raised her hand to the back, gesturing to the people behind to stop, then pulled Chen Dao back .

“What happened?” Chen Dao halted his steps and looked at Feng Jiu .

‘Senior Brother Chen, look . ” Feng Jiu motioned, pointing to the rattan coming towards this side .

Chen Dao looked at the direction pointed by Feng Jiu . Once he saw it, he took out his sword with a tense face . “It’s an earth-drilling dragon!”

As soon as his voice rang out, the creature coming to their side that was mistakenly regarded as rattan by Feng Jiu stopped . Suddenly, the arm-sized body leapt up . Strangely, a pair of weird eyes were coming out of the earth-drilling dragon’s head .

“Ah! It’s not rattan!” Feng Jiu let up a startled cry . When she saw the creature’s true form, she just realized at it’s an earth-drilling dragon .


As she spoke, Chen Dao raised the sword in his hand and a fierce sword intent came out and attacked the dragon . Seeing the situation, the earth-drilling dragon shrank its head to avoid the sword intent, but it was still struck . However, it was not hurt by the strike at all . Not even a little skin got torn off . It’s impossible that the sword could chop the dragon off .


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With another attack of the sword intent, this time at the front, a clanging sound of metals ensued . Sparks flew from the surface of the dragon’s body .

Facing Chen Dao’s fierce sword intent, that earth-drilling dragon had no fear . It didn’t retreat and instead leapt toward them as if planning to sweep another man up again .

“A little worm dares to dare to act impudently in front of me . Watch me cut you down into several sections, leaving you without bones!”

Chen Dao yelled and attacked the dragon again . For a while, only the sound of the clanging sounds were heard . At the same time, the air was filled with the sharp swishing sound of the airflow…

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Feng Jiu saw Chen Dao was unable to win against the earth-drilling dragon even after spending a lot of time . She couldn’t help but sigh inwardly . With Chen Dao’s Nascent Soul strength, it was easy to deal with this dragon .

However, he seemed to chop at the dragon for a long time without understanding that this earth-drilling dragon was a spirit beast with the metal attribute . When fighting against a spirit beast with this attribute, unless it was a true sword, not even ten or eight blades could cut this earth-drilling dragon .

“Senior Brother Chen, this worm seems to have a metal attribute . Why don’t you try using fire?” She made a suggestion while moving to the side, checking to see if Luo Heng and others were dragged into a burrow by this earth-drilling dragon .

Chen Dao was stunned for a moment . After reacting, he took up his spirit energy breath and injected the fire attribute in his body into the sword in his hand . Seeing the sword in his hand roared like a fire snake, he couldn’t help laughing .

“If this time I still can’t chop you, small bug, I’ll go back to the countryside and farm! Come here! Take your Grandpa Chen’s sword!”

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As he yelled, his vital energy was raised up and his sword plunged hard…

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