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Published at 5th of October 2020 03:55:09 AM
Chapter 1424: 1424
Chapter 1424 Foresigh

This time, even if the alchemists who followed wanted to get the Specter Grass, they did not dare to do it again . Even with the speed at the Golden Core strength, they still couldn’t catch the Specter Grass . They had also lost several people whose condition were still unknown whether they were still living or already dead . Their hearts were in a mess, having lost their initial enthusiasm and excitement .

“You’re not going to get them? There they are . ” Feng Jiu turned back, smiling with her eyes narrowed at the alchemists .

“We can’t . ”

Several of them sighed . They finally knew why they had very few Specter Grass at the sect and the grass was so costly at the auction house outside . They were almost played to death by these two grass plants .

“I’m more self-aware . I don’t want to waste my energy knowing that I can’t get it . ”

While looking at the direction pointed by Feng Jiu, Luo Heng asked, “Feng Jiu, I can’t tell that a kid like you can find the track! But, isn’t it a fact that you and I cooperated to catch that psycho killer last time? ”

Speaking of this, he looked back at the others with a little pride . “Don’t worry, I’m here . I will protect you . As for those brothers, I will also do my best to rescue them back…Ah!”

Before finished speaking, Luo Heng exclaimed . He lost his balance and fell to the ground with a thud . After collapsing, he was pulled and dragged away toward the woods . With a startled expression, Luo Heng cried out for help spontaneously .

“Ah! Quick, help me . The ghost is grabbing my feet!”

Several alchemists at the back were terrified to see that and retreated . They looked on helplessly as Luo Heng’s torch fell down and blew out . They watched him being dragged into the woods in the midst of the darkness . Besides his exclamation, there were rustling sounds as his body brushed the ground … .

“No! I’m not going, it’s not safe inside . ”

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An alchemist retreated several steps and stopped beside a tree . He leaned against the tree and said to them, “I’ll wait for you here . ”

The other several people who saw it had some hesitation . They were thinking whether to continue following behind . Then, they heard Chen Dao’s voice .

“Then wait there! If you are dragged away or eaten by some beast, don’t look for us . In addition, we will only continue to move forward and won’t go back . ”

Since Chen Dao was saying that he wouldn’t return, those hesitant alchemists gritted their teeth and could only follow him .

Although they were alchemists with the strength of Golden Core cultivators, their cultivation was mainly based on their spirit energy . Their combat effectiveness was mediocre . But, due to their lack of combat effectiveness, they had no confidence roaming inside and couldn’t act calm and collected .

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When Luo Heng’s exclamations disappeared after a short while as if he was unconscious, Feng Jiu and Chen Dao couldn’t help but look at each other and went forward . Chen Dao pulled Feng Jiu

“Follow me . ”

With that, he overtook Feng Jiu to go forward . He had no other thoughts except that Feng Jiu was a youngster with Foundation Building cultivation . Such strength was not suitable to walk at the front . Moreover, he was an elder . How could he let a junior take risks in front of him?

Feng Jiu was just slightly stupefied, then smiled . She didn’t say anything, just followed behind him while paying attention to the area around her feet .

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