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Published at 4th of October 2020 04:15:08 AM
Chapter 1423: 1423
Chapter 1423 Not letting it go

So, the three quickly chase forward . They could only hear the faint, soft murmurs of other people in the dim night .

“Quick! That side! Grab it quickly!”

“Ah! I can’t see the way! I bumped into something . ”

“It’s here . Don’t let them run away!”

“Come back if you can’t find it . It’s too dangerous to run after the Specter Grass . ”

When he heard the conversations at the front, Chen Dao raised his voice and yelled at them . However, when those people finally spotted the elusive Specter Grass, they were certainly not letting it go . Therefore, even if Chen Dao was shouting at them, the alchemists in front did not want to stop .

All of a sudden, there was a bang in front, followed by a lot of exclamations .


“What is that! Ah! Something is pulling my feet!”


“It’s bad, run quickly!”

When the jumble of noises came, Chen Dao’s group of three looked at each other and quickly swept forward . They only heard vague rustling sounds and panic was heard followed by two or three alchemists who ran back .

“Senior Brother Chen, it’s bad . There’s something wrong!”

A man came up, looking flustered . From the torch’s light, his face was visibly pale and frenetic . “Several of them, several of them were captured by the Specters!”

Hearing this, Feng Jiu was stunned and then her expression turned strange .

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Specters? What kind of nonsensical stuff were they spouting? The Specter Grass was a kind of spirit grass that was illusive and could run all over the place . It has a spirit, therefore, there was a rumour that the Specter Grass preferred the gloomy ghost lands which were dense with yin .

However, it’s just a rumour that was released by some auction houses outside to raise the price of the Specter Grass . She didn’t expect that this sect’s alchemists would believe this hoax . It’s really funny .

“What nonsense!” Chen Dao twisted his eyebrows .

“We mean it . Something suddenly reached out from the weeds and grabbed our feet . We ran away quickly . After they were caught and dragged away, the cold feeling was just like ghost hands . It was terrible . ”

Another person added . He couldn’t help but shivered .

Feng Jiu listened with her lips twitched .

Ghost hand? Have they touched it before? Did they know what cold ghost hands felt? She had no idea that these alchemists were so timid . They were at least Golden Core cultivators . Were they stupid and had no knowledge of how to use their own cultivation?

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“Well, stop talking . Go quickly and take a look . ” Chen Dao said and quickly swept forward .

Feng Jiu caught sight of those alchemists who ran back whose face was a pale white and kept retreating . With the corners of her lips tugged, she ignored them and followed Chen Dao and Luo Heng to move forward .

However, when they got there, there was no sound .

“There’s nothing here!” Luo Heng looked around with surprise . There was no one there except the three of them .

Feng Jiu squatted down to check . “There were signs of weeds being crushed here and it’s going toward this side . It must be because something was being dragged over there . ”

She pointed toward one side, then walked slowly in that direction, paying attention to the movement of her feet .

Soon after, when she spotted the two Specter Grasses that came out of nowhere, she raised her eyebrows . “It’s the Specter Grass . ”

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These two Specter Grasses were like a pair of naughty little ghosts who fooled people .

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