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Published at 3rd of October 2020 03:45:07 AM
Chapter 1420: 1420
Chapter 1420 It’s the little bastard

Feng Jiu’s lips twitched . What’s that supposed to say? Even though she was the youngest of them all, she wasn’t young enough to be his son, was she?

The two women’s expressions changed when they heard this . They came to a dead end after only saying a few words . Their hearts felt stifled and so uncomfortable .

Their glance at the dishevelled Chen Dao was somewhat unsightly . They also stared angrily at Feng Jiu who was playing with the fruit in her hand . Without saying anything, the women only snorted and walked quickly toward the front .

They were too idle to even think of talking to him . This guy was truly hateful .

“Crunch . ”

Feng Jiu bit the fruit . Its crisp and sweet taste spread on the tip of her tongue . She looked ahead and told Chen Dao, “Senior Brother Chen, although I am a little young, I am not young enough to be your son, am I? Why make them bear a son as a compensation to you? If you are really interested in them, then don’t be shy and bashful to chase them . With Senior Brother Chen’s charm, not to mention captivating one, even two is more than enough . ”

“Hahaha! Kid, you also think that my charm is irresistible, don’t you? Sigh, it’s great that you know it . Don’t say it . You have to know, I, your Senior Brother, always keep a low profile and never maintain a high profile in front of people . ”

Although he said this, his voice became louder and louder . Even the people in front of him could not help looking back .

Feng Jiu was speechless and said nothing more, just eating fruit while walking . Perhaps this area still belonged to the periphery . She only found some common spirit herbs, while the precious ones were so few . Occasionally, the people in front of them picked one or two plants .

In fact, she wanted to act on her own, so that in addition to picking the spirit herbs, she could also find out where her mother was .

It’s just that at the moment it seemed impossible to act alone .

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As the group walked in, they met some people from other teams . Compared with the cultivators who came to gain experience in other places, Feng Jiu noticed that even if these alchemists took a fancy to each other’s spirit herbs, they would not snatch them, but would propose an exchange .

As a result, it was peaceful all the way down the road, and no brutal confrontations happened .

When they gradually entered the inner perimeter and planned to take a rest on the spot for a while and then go inside again, they saw a small group also coming here to rest at a place not far from them .

“Chen Dao, it’s really you! I can see your funny handlebar moustache from a distance, and sure enough, it was you . ” Over there, a man in his thirties raised his voice and greeted Chen Dao .

However, it was not so much a greeting as a provocation .

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Chen Dao glanced at the man and stood up in surprise . “Hey?” Isn’t this the little bastard? What a coincidence to meet you here . ”

When Feng Jiu heard the two men’s exchange of words, she felt ominous . She sat quietly to one side, avoiding the spot as much as possible .

That man’s face sunk . He stood up in an unsightly manner and yelled, “Chen Dao, you little kid, don’t give me a nickname . If you can’t read, go back and ask a master to teach you . Listen carefully, my name is Wang Ba[1]!”

“I know, I know . Isn’t it the little bastard?” Chen Dao answered leisurely, looking calmly at the ashen-faced Wang Ba .

[1] It’s a play on words as wang ba dan means bastard and xiao means little . Since his name is wang ba, he called him (Xiao Wangba) in mandarin which equates to little bastard

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