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Chapter 1408: 1408
Chapter 1408 Who Is Looking For Me?

When he didn’t hear the expected compliment, he glanced at Feng Jiu and said; “I’m talking to you! Why are you daydreaming?”

“Huh?” Feng Jiu came out of her daze and stared at him with a blank look: “What?”

Upon seeing this, Chen Dao shook his head and waved his hand: “It’s nothing, you continue daydreaming! I’m eating my meat . ” Saying that, he ignored him and picked up his Spirit Bamboo Rat meat to eat .

“Senior Brother Chen, I suddenly remembered there is something I need to attend to, I will leave first . I will have a drink with you next time . ” As she spoke, she stood up and patted her clothes, dispersing the smell of the roasted meat from her body .

“Go ahead . ” He said without even lifting his head .

Feng Jiu left after she bowed respectfully . She didn’t leave the Seventh Peak but headed towards the cave dwelling Luo Heng was staying at in the Seventh Peak .

“Senior Brother Luo? Senior Brother Luo?”

She called out a few times from outside the cave dwelling . After a while, she saw a sleepy Luo Heng walk out .

“Feng Jiu? It’s you? Come in, come in . ” Luo Heng beckoned for her to come inside .

Feng Jiu followed him inside and entered his cave dwelling . When she saw him sitting at the stone table pouring himself some water to drink, she asked: “Senior Brother Luo, have you just woken up?”

“Well, last night I refined a pot of pills, so it was nearly dawn by the time I went to sleep . ” He looked at her and said: “Why are you looking for me? Is there anything you need?”

“Well, it’s like this… . . ”

She sat down at the table and started chatting, asking about the Medicine Gathering Experience and some other questions . It was about noon by the time she left the cave dwelling .

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After she left the cave dwelling, the smile on her face disappeared . When she thought about the information she had obtained from Luo Heng, her heart sank . It looked like though her mother was the core disciple of the Third Sun Patriarch, but her life wasn’t smooth sailing after all .

After all, though her alchemy skills were quite good, it couldn’t be compared to the others in the sect . In addition, she hadn’t been in the sect for a long time, and she didn’t have a strong backing like some of the others either . If Master Third Sun didn’t protect her, her situation would be unimaginable .

When she thought back to seeing the scars on her wrist yesterday, the look in her eyes turned cold . She walked back . Her mother should not be bullied!

A few days had passed . She had come back down from delivering medicinal herbs to the Eighth Peak . Over the past few days she had made the trip once or twice a day . Although she had spent a lot of time walking around the Eighth Peak, however, other than the last time she saw her mother, she hadn’t had the opportunity to see her again .

It was the same for the other people in the Eighth Peak . She saw the disciples that were outside the cave dwelling but never the people inside the cave dwelling .

Just as she was lost in her thoughts walking down the peak, she heard a voice call out to her .

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“Feng Jiu . Feng Jiu . ”

She looked up and saw an errand boy running towards her, so she asked: “What’s the matter?”

“Have you finished delivering the medicinal herbs for the Eighth Peak?” he asked .

“Yes, I’ve just delivered them and I am about to go back!” She nodded as she replied .

“Oh, alright . Follow me then . Someone is looking for you . ” With that, he led the way and motioned for Feng Jiu to follow him .

Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu followed him without saying anything . She followed him all the way to the medicinal field in the back of the Seventh Peak and saw that he had stopped .

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She asked in confusion: “Who is looking for me?”

“We’re looking for you . ” All of a sudden, five or six people had come out from behind and surrounded her .

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