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Chapter 1406: 1406
Chapter 1406 Spirit Bamboo Ra

“I was afraid that if the bamboo shoots were to fall onto the ground it would cause too much commotion, so I replanted them into the ground . However, I don’t think it will survive . ” She said rather helplessly, it was such a waste to only collect bamboo heart water from the bamboo shoot!

When he heard this, Chen Dao was a little surprised . He glanced around but didn’t notice anything different, so he asked: “Where did you chop them? I will go and take a look . ”

“This way . ” Feng Jiu had no choice but to take him over and pointed it out to him: “These few bamboo shoots . ”

Chen Dao took a closer look and was stunned . He laughed and said: “Not bad, not bad, why didn’t I think of this method before? I have chosen the right person . It was the right decision to bring you along . This way, they wouldn’t know that we have come to steal . Hahaha . ”

Feng Jiu smiled awkwardly and asked: “Senior Brother Chen, I have collected the bamboo heart water, are we going back now?”

“What’s the rush? Since we are here, of course I will have to show you some good things . Come, follow me . ” He said, and beckoned Feng Jiu to follow him . With light footsteps, he returned to where he was previously .

Feng Jiu watched as he searched between those bamboos and the weeds on the ground . Not knowing what he was looking for, she asked: “Senior Brother Chen, what are you looking for? Do you need my help?”

“Shhh . ”

He placed a finger in front of his lips and motioned for her to be silent . Then in the next moment, he swooped forwards like a cat .

“Hahaha, I’ve finally caught it! It’s really meaty too, what a blessing today is . ”

Feng Jiu looked at him and saw him holding a rat in his hand about five to six catties in weight . The gray coloured mouse’s fur was prickly and it made a squeaky sound . Upon seeing this, her corners of her lips twitched and she took a step back .

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“Senior Brother Chen, why have you caught a rat?” A blessing? Was he thinking of eating it? However, upon closer look, she realised that it wasn’t an ordinary rat, but a spirit bamboo rat that fed on spirit bamboos .

“Rat? This isn’t a rat . This is a Spirit Bamboo Rat . Didn’t you know that it’s very nourishing? The meat of the Spirit Bamboo Rat is also very delicious . It’s even better when it’s roasted . You’ve never tasted it before, but you will know once you have tasted it . ”

He spoke excitedly: “The entire Pill Sun Sect knows that you can only find Spirit Bamboo Rats in this forest . If you want to eat Spirit Bamboo Rat then you have to come here . However, they are not easy to catch . Just look at how long it took me to catch one . ”

As he spoke, he felt the weight of the Spirit Bamboo Rat in his hand and smiled: “This is at least five to six catties and it looks quite meaty too . It should be enough for two people to share . ”

When she heard this, the corners of her mouth twitched: “Well I… . . ”

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“Enough, let’s leave quickly and find a place to roast this thing so that we can eat it . ” He looked around and walked back: “It’s getting late . Although this forest is supposedly unguarded, if we roast it here, someone will see the smoke and find us . Come, let’s go back to our territory . ”

Therefore, Feng Jiu was led to another place just like this . When she came, she was empty handed… . When she left, she had collected three tubes of bamboo heart water and they had also caught a fat Spirit Bamboo Rat . It could be considered full of returns .

Outside Pill Sun Peak’s Seventh Peak’s cave dwelling, the two of them sat on the ground looking at the Spirit Bamboo Rat roasting in front of them, releasing it’s sweet aroma . They swallowed involuntarily, feeling only hunger .

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