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Chapter 1395: 1395
Chapter 1395 Meets with trouble

After stepping into the fifth peak, the medicinal fragrance in the air became stronger . Perhaps she came too early, or every cave had a boundary . So, there were no sounds of people refining pills, but the medicinal scent was filling the air .

“On the left, the seventh cave-dwelling…”

She murmured softly, looking at the caves . Finally, her gaze fell on the seventh cave . When she arrived at the cave’s exterior, an attendant alchemist apprentice was guarding .

“I’m here to deliver the spirit herbs . ” She spoke, basket in hand .

“Eh? There’s a personnel change?” The apprentice looked at Feng Jiu in surprise, then said, “Come in!” With that, he took her inside, to the place where the spirit herbs were arranged .

Walking into the cave, Feng Jiu couldn’t help sighing inwardly . Sure enough, the treatment of alchemists is different . The cave was just a gate outside, but it was a universe inside . Other than several rooms which should be room for resting, alchemy room and bathing room . Any one of them was much larger than the cave where she worked as an odd-jobber .

Inside, listening to the alchemy room where someone was refining pills, it seemed a person was murmuring about this thing was wrong, another thing was incorrect, and so on .

“Alright, just put the spirit herbs here . I’ll send it to the alchemy room later . ” The apprentice asked Feng Jiu to leave the herbs .

“Alright . ” She took out the spirit herbs . After putting the last herb, she told him again, “I’ll go first . I still need to go somewhere else . ”

“Go ahead . ” The alchemy apprentice nodded his head and looked at Feng Jiu’s departure . Only then did he tidy up those spirit herbs and take them to the alchemy room .

Feng Jiu didn’t go to the sixth peak immediately . Instead, she went around the fifth peak to familiarize herself with the place . When she came to the third cave of the sixth peak, she didn’t see any alchemist apprentice guarding outside . So she called out .

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“Is anyone there? I’m here to deliver spirit herbs . ”

It was extremely quiet and nobody answered . She thought about it and walked towards the place . However, as soon as she stepped into the cave, she saw an alchemist apprentice collapsed on the ground . The medicinal scent was still lingering in the air .

Her look changed at the smell of the elixir and she stepped in immediately to look over . These potions had no effect on her, thanks to her special physique . However, if one inhaled the drug’s scent, one would be either in a coma or mentally impaired . Since it was an alchemist’s cave, the person should have understood the nature of the elixir . How did this happen?

Puzzled, she first dragged the apprentice outside, then went inside . When she came to the alchemy room, she saw a person lying on the ground . Compared with the unconscious alchemist apprentice outside, the man had some marks of the furnace explosion on his body . It was obvious that he was injured by the debris . He was bleeding in many places and his breathing was weak .

She quickly stepped forward to move the man out of the cave so that he could breathe fresh air . Then she checked his physical condition and then simply helped him to deal with the wound, and only then she quickly called for help .

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“Somebody, help! There’s an accident . An alchemist is hurt…”

As she ran, she shouted . Each cave was at least fifty meters apart . Some alchemist apprentices heard her cry and rushed to help her . Finally, several apprentices along with her took the two people to the pharmacy division for treatment .

Watching the two people sent for treatment, Feng Jiu exhaled lightly and sat down outside the pharmacy division .

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