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Published at 20th of September 2020 03:50:06 PM
Chapter 1394: 1394
Chapter 1394 The errand boy’s job


In the end, the snake had no choice but to hiss and flee quickly .

“Cluck cluck cluck!”

The proud green-feathered chicken stood on a stone, flapping its wings, looking up and crowing loudly as if to say ‘I beat that snake’ .

Seeing this, Feng Jiu only shook her head inwardly and went forward to deal with the trampled spirit herbs . At this time, Green Feather came to her side again .

“Go, go, go away…don’t bother me . ” She pushed Green Feather away while replanting the ones that could be kept and cleaning up the ones that were trampled to death .

“Cluck cluck cluck…”

Maybe knowing that Feng Jiu would not kill it, Green Feather wandered around and squawked around her . But, it didn’t dare to target the Red Tongue Spirit Grass again .

She spent the day leisurely . Feng Jiu leaned on a stone to nap while the green-feathered chicken squatted around with its head stretched out, paying attention to the movement around it as if it were on guard .

In the evening, another odd-jobber came to take over her duty of guarding, so she went back to the cave-dwelling to rest .

Who would expect that as she walked away, Green Feather also followed closely behind . When she took a few steps ahead, it also took the same number of steps . Its plump body looked hefty as it moved around .

“Why are you following me? If you do that, be careful that I’ll get too hungry and stew you . ” Feng Jiu glanced back and warned the chicken .

“Cluck cluck cluck…”

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Green Feather squawked excitedly as a response . It folded its wings, raised its head and swaggered along, just following Feng Jiu .

So, Feng Jiu ignored it . Soon after returning to the cave, she heard Steward Qian’s voice coming from outside .

Feng Jiu walked out of the cave-dwelling and saluted him . “Steward Qian . ”

Steward Qian glanced at her . “Today, Senior Brother Chen came to me . He asked me to help you transfer to another job as an errand boy . Then, from tomorrow, you should report to the third peak . There is a fatty surnamed Li who will arrange things for you . ” With that, he turned and left .

Hearing this, Feng Jiu couldn’t help grinning . Chen Dao’s work efficiency was quite high .

The next morning, she got up early and reported for duty at the third peak . When she went in, she heard a fat middle-aged man scolding . “These boys, they are more and more outrageous . No one comes in at this time . The sun soon will shine on my butt . They are all so lazy, not fit for work . ”

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Feng Jiu, who came in, listened, took a look at the middle-aged fat man, and then called out, “Are you Steward Li? I’m Feng Jiu . Steward Qian asked me to report for duty . ”

The middle-aged fat man turned back and saw the boy in blue standing there . He grabbed a basket on one side and put it in Feng Jiu’s hand .

“Since you’ve reported for duty, send this basket of herbs to the seventh cave-dwelling . It’s on the left side of the fifth peak . This medicine is for the third cave-dwelling at the sixth peak . Hurry up . ”

“Oh . ” She was stupefied . After she came to, she responded joyfully, took the goods and then went out .

The caves on the fifth and sixth peaks were all alchemists’ caves . She could take this opportunity to have a look . She was curious to know how high the alchemy skills of the Pill Sun Sect were .

She swept out . It seemed as if she was walking, but at lightning speed . Soon, she arrived at the fifth peak .

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