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Published at 20th of September 2020 07:22:49 AM
Chapter 1383: Chapter 1383 - Don’t Come Over
Chapter 1383 Don’t Come Over

Upon hearing this, surprise surfaced in Feng Jiu’s eyes . Was this for real?

When she thought of this person’s cruel torture techniques, she couldn’t help but get goosebumps . There were no waves without wind, let alone, the psychology of this perverted killer was so twisted, maybe this was possible after all .

“No matter what, we should bring this person back for questioning . ” Luo Heng said, looking at the unconscious person: “Let’s go and look for Senior Brother Lin and the others to tell them we have caught the killer, and then… . ”

As he was talking, the man on the ground suddenly jumped up and slammed into him viciously .


He exclaimed as he fell down . Before he could react, the person he had tied up violently exerted a force and the spirit energy surged from his body .


At the sound of the loud noise, he broke the thick ropes . As soon as he was free of the ropes, he took a dagger out and lunged towards Luo Heng . Luo Heng exclaimed in fright .


At the same time of his exclamation, he avoided the attack with his quick physical instinct and rolled to Feng Jiu’s side .

Feng Jiu had also only just recovered, and when she saw the man lunge forwards with the dagger, she tried to stop him immediately . However, upon trying to restrain him, she realised that his strength was abnormally large . The explosive power he possessed was a stark contrast to his slim physique .

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The sharp blade slashed through the air with a violent air current . The blade had slashed her sleeves and cut a hole in them . She backed away quickly when she saw his eyes staring at her frantically, with anger and bloodthirsty intent to kill . It was as if he had made up his mind that he was going to kill her no matter what . He didn’t even pay any attention to Luo Heng who was on the ground beside her, he just wanted to kill her .

She did foul his plans after all . If he didn’t kill her then who else would he kill?

However, even though he had experienced some unbearable things, other people were innocent . He was venting his anger onto others, therefore, he no longer qualified to make people feel sympathy for him .

“Senior Brother Luo! Come and help quickly!”

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Feng Jiu retreated step by step and suppressed her cultivation strength to the Foundation Formation stage as she didn’t want to attract too much attention . Naturally, against a murderer who was a peak-stage Golden Core cultivator, she would not be able to protect herself with her Foundation Formation strength, that’s why she asked Luo Heng for help .

“Oh, wait for me, I will look for help… . ”

Luo Heng’s face was pale with fright and his legs trembled, why would he think of stepping forward to rescue Feng Jiu? He climbed to his feet and held on to the branches wanting to flee to look for a rescue party . He never thought that once he left, he would be leaving behind Feng Jiu who was only a Foundation Formation cultivator and what would happen to her after he left .

When Feng Jiu heard his words, the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but twitch . The coward was an early-stage Golden Core cultivator after all . And yet he wanted to escape and wouldn’t fight . What family did he come from that taught him to be so gutless?

So, she rolled her eyes and ran towards Luo Heng’s direction shouting: “Senior Brother Luo… . ah, don’t chase me, Senior Brother Luo help… . ”

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Unexpectedly, Luo Heng’s face had paled and he waved his hands up: “You, don’t come to me, quickly, run over there, run over there… . ”

Before he could finish speaking, he saw that the man had already rushed over here . Left without a choice, he gritted his teeth and drew his sword out: “I will fight with you! Ah!” He shouted loudly and rushed forwards with full spiritual power in his hand, his sword aimed at the crazed killer .

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