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Chapter 1373: 1373
Chapter 1373 Forget I

That’s right, where did the young boy go?

“It seems, it seems like he went out in the middle of the night for a while and never came back… . . ” A voice came from the shadows hesitantly, sounding guilty .


The two elders were startled, and the old man in grey was furious: “He went out in the middle of the night and didn’t come back but you didn’t even go and take a look?”

The people in the shadows were silent . They thought that he wouldn’t be able to escape from here so they only guarded their Young Lord . They thought that as long as their Young Lord was fine then that was all that mattered . Who would have thought that the young boy would disappear in the middle of the night?

“Why are you still here in a daze? Why aren’t you sending someone to look for him? Young Lord’s stitches have not been removed, what if something happens during this time?” The grey-clothed old man shouted .

The people in the shadows answered and the old physician sighed: “Forget it! Even if you send someone after him you won’t find him . He can escape under the noses of so many people, how can he be caught so easily?”

Thinking about it, the young boy had already thought about running away for a while . Otherwise, why would he have made them send his friend away first?

“But Young Lord…”

“Young Lord’s life is out of danger . We just have to wait for him to wake up and wait for the wound to heal, then remove his stitches . ” The old physician said while stroking his beard .

“Fine!” The grey-clothed old man flicked his sleeves and walked out .

The old physician followed him out . However, just as he stepped out, he suddenly heard a cough from behind him . He was startled and quickly turned his head: “Young Lord, Young Lord is awake?” He stepped forward pleasantly surprised to check on him . Even the grey-clothed old man outside came back inside quickly when he heard that he had awakened .

The man on the bed opened his eyes and glanced at the two of them . When they saw that he had signaled to sit up, they stopped him immediately: “Young Lord, your wound is still not healed, it is not advisable to sit up . ”

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“Report!” An anxious voice drifted in from outside .

When he heard this, the grey-clothed old man said to the old physician: “Stay here with the Young Lord, I will go out and take a look . ” Saying that, he bowed to the man lying on the bed and retreated .

The man on the bed rubbed his wound softly and felt a slight warmth but it was not like what it was before . Beneath the mask, his mouth twitched, his voice was hoarse and weak as he spoke: “So I didn’t die, who saved me?”

Upon hearing this, the old physician was slightly surprised, but reported accordingly: “Young Lord is wise, the person who healed Young Lord was a young boy, but he sneaked away in the middle of the night last night . I am ashamed that I am unable to let Young Lord see him . ”

After hearing this, the young man on the bed stroked his wound as if thinking of something, but he didn’t speak again .

At this time, outside……

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“What? What use are all of you? How can you let him do something like that!” The old man i grey yelled, the anger seething in his eyes: “Get out of here!”

The old physician came outside and said: “Young Lord wants you to go inside . ”

The old man in grey suppressed his anger before he stepped inside . When he came inside, he heard the Young Lord’s inquiry .

“What happened?”

He paused for a while before he replied: “It is the young boy who saved you Young Lord . He ran away in the middle of the night and stole a lot of things when he left . No one in the courtyard knew about it last night and only found out about it this morning . ”

The old physician who was standing at the side was stunned when he heard this . Stolen a lot of things? That young boy? The nerve of him!

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“It’s just a bit of things, what’s the fuss all about?” The man on the bed closed his eyes and said: “Do not pursue this matter . ”

The two of them looked at each other but could only respectfully answer: “Yes!”

At the same time, on the other side… . .

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