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Published at 2nd of September 2020 02:20:07 PM
Chapter 1358: 1358
Chapter 1358 Travelling together

She took out a piece of fruit from the space and ate it while staring at the young man . She looked up to the sky from time to time . Later that morning, she saw him begin to stir and slowly awaken .

“Ah! Don’t kill me, don’t kill me…”

As soon as the young man woke up, he let out a cry of surprise and tried frantically to escape . His pale face was filled with fear and terror .

“Who’s going to kill you?” Feng Jiu yawned . “Now that you’re awake, I have to go . ” She didn’t want to stay in this hellhole any longer .

At this time, the young man looked at the little beggar’s tattered clothes, messy hair and his face all grey . He breathed out softly and looked around . Seeing that all his guards were dead, his eyes reddened .

“And the old witch? Is she…is she still here?” His heart quivered at the thought of the previous scene . Even his teeth chattered as he spoke .

“I didn’t see her . I just walked in here and saw all the guards were dead . When I opened the water tank, I found you alive, then rescued you . ”

Feng Jiu patted her clothes and stretched out her waist . “I’m leaving . There’s nothing to eat nor a single person here . ” With that, she walked away .

“Don’t! You, please wait for me . ” The young man was surprised and quickly followed .

Feng Jiu didn’t stop until she got out of the town . She breathed a sigh of relief and glanced back, feeling that her life was almost lost in this place .

“Little beggar, thank you for rescuing me . ” The young man trotted alongside Feng Jiu .

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Feng Jiu kept going forward . “I’m not interested in verbal thanks . If you want to thank me, please give me something useful . ”

“Take me home, then! I’ll get someone to thank you when I get home . I’ll also buy you a good meal . ” He thought that the little beggar looked so petite due to not having enough to eat at regular times .

Feng Jiu glanced at him and asked, “Where is your home?” She would stop by if it was on her way . But if it’s not, she felt disinclined to do so .

“It’s the Pill Sun City, nearby the Pill Sun Sect . ” The youngster answered .

“Pill Sun, ah? That’s okay, then! I’ll take you along . But, remember to thank me with lots of money . ” It’s on the way, anyway .

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When he heard her answer, the young man’s heart was overjoyed . He spoke in a hurry, “Don’t worry . As long as you take me home, I’ll let my family give you ten thousand gold coins . By the way, my name is Zhu Yue . Little beggar, what’s your name?”

“Just call me Little Beggar . ” Feng Jiu answered carelessly .

“Little Beggar, what is your cultivation level? Why can’t I see through?”

He was at least a Golden Core cultivator, but he could not see the little beggar’s cultivation level . Moreover, the little beggar didn’t look like ordinary little beggars, but more like those loose cultivators . This was one of the reasons why he wanted the little beggar to send him back . After all, there was someone around to protect him .

Feng Jiu didn’t answer him . Instead, she turned around and saw an ox cart coming from behind . Her eyes brightened . This time, she could rest without having to walk by herself .

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Then she walked quickly to the middle of the road and held out her hand to stop the cart . “Uncle, take us for a ride!”

When the old man saw the small beggar with a young master in brocade clothes, he was stupefied for a moment before saying, “Come on up if you don’t disdain it!”

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