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Published at 2nd of September 2020 02:20:08 PM
Chapter 1357: 1357
Chapter 1357 The last one alive

Early in the morning, when the first ray of sunshine fell, the warm sunshine made the slumbering Feng Jiu’s fingers move slightly and gradually awakened . When she recalled the scene before she lost consciousness, Feng Jiu opened her eyes abruptly and jumped up .


She let out a cry of surprise . After she sprang to her feet, she noticed the wounds on her body . Even her broken bones had been repaired? Her body was free of injuries .

“That’s strange . How did all my wounds get healed?”

She looked around with surprise, but the old woman’s figure had disappeared and a small cauldron was lying quietly at her side .

She picked it up and looked at it . “This is an ancient divine cauldron, the Divine Reaper Cauldron . ” Even if it was covered with dust, she could still see the small characters on the cauldron .

She got up, patted her clothes, and looked around . Not only was the old woman gone, but the surrounding blood had vanished without a trace . Even, after repeated probes, she didn’t find any more blood in that area .

Although a little confused, she did not give it a second thought . She was still alive . This was already the best scenario .

She took up the Qingfeng sword, intending to leave this place . However, as she took a step, she examined the small cauldron in her hand and took another look at the direction of the ancestral hall . Then, she walked over there .

As she walked, she scanned around with her divine sense all the way to the ancestral hall . When she entered the place, she took a glance around and went toward the back .

When she reached the back, she was stunned . More than a dozen bodies were stacked in the open backyard . The corpses were in monotone dark-coloured guards’ uniform .

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Judging from the rigidity of their bodies, they should have died the day before she arrived here . However, apart from the dozen corpses dressed as guards, she did not see the one protected by those guards .

With a glance, her gaze fell on a large tank at the corner of the wall . It was a big water tank with a lid on it . What attracted her notice was the sense of a sealing power .

She stepped forward, a spirit energy breath burst out from her hand . While unlocking the seal, she also used her strength to push open the big lid .

There was no movement inside, so she looked over and saw that there was a young man in royal clothes about seventeen or eighteen years old . This young man looked pale and unconscious . His breath was weak as if he would die at any time .

She was slightly surprised . A stream of air was ejected between her fingers and a crash was heard . The water tank cracked and broke onto the ground . At that time, the young man inside rolled out .

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After she moved him out, she dragged him aside and explored his pulse . Then, she took out a pill and popped it into his mouth . At the same time, she murmured, “It’s a good thing you met me . Otherwise, you’ll certainly die here . ”

After he took the pill, she gave him water and then sat on the side waiting for him to wake up . She couldn’t help but admire this young man since he still stayed alive after being confined inside the tank .

He was a really lucky fella, she had originally thought that if there’s someone inside the tank, the person should have been dead . To her surprise, he was sealed and hidden away inside the tank and still had a breath remaining .

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