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Published at 2nd of September 2020 02:20:08 PM
Chapter 1356: 1356
Chapter 1356 The divine cauldron comes out from the blue lotus

As the old woman strode forward, each step she took had blood qi surging around her . The frenzied killing intent permeated all over her body . Blood was still dripping from her wounds and the sharp pain made her look even more ferocious .

It’s not that she possessed an immortal body, but she had a strange treasure within her body . This lass wanted to destroy her dantian and take her life . Ha ha ha! How was it possible for the lass to know that her strange treasure was protecting her dantian and the Nascent Soul inside the dantian? And, how was it possible for a mere lass to kill her, a magnificent Celestial Strong Exponent?

However, the lass’ move still angered her . The pain from her wounds also made her heart burst with crazy killing intent . Coming in front of Feng Jiu who had lost consciousness, she raised her hand with fury to condense her blood qi into a fierce torrential whirlwind above her palm .

“Ah! Granny Ghost killed a person again . She killed that Big Sister… How terrible, how terrible…”

A vengeful spirit watching from a distance cried out, turned quickly and ran away .

The old woman glanced at the vengeful spirit, grunted and returned her gaze towards the unconscious girl on the ground .

Since the lass wanted to destroy her dantian and exterminate her, then she will send her on the road first! Once her dantian is broken and her Nascent Soul died, she would like to see how she can survive!

“Go to hell!”

The old woman shouted in a hoarse and sharp voice and slapped her palm down mercilessly . But at this moment, a blue light burst out from Feng Jiu’s body . It was dazzling, pure and powerful and instantly knocked the old woman out .


The old woman was knocked off guard . A stream of blood trickled out from her mouth when she fell to the ground . Shocked, she looked at the figure lying motionless on the ground .

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“What’s going on?”

As she shouted in a hoarse and shrill voice, a green light burst out again from the unconscious girl’s dantian . This time, the light was accompanied by a fist-sized blue lotus .

The blue lotus flew out and attacked the old woman with a whizzing sound . When the old woman saw this, she exclaimed in horror . “Pure, pure blue lotus? No, it’s primal chaos blue lotus! ”


“Don’t, don’t come here! Don’t come here! Ah…”

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In her shock, she tried to block with the blood and vital breath condensed in her hands, but the blood qi as well as the ghosts around her immediately dissipated in the air as they collided with the green lotus .

When the blue lotus flew in and crashed into her body at a lightning speed with a whizzing sound, the vital energy breath all over her body was swallowed up and purified, and her body disappeared inch by inch, disappearing into thin air like ashes dispersed with the wind . Only her frightened screams echoed in the deep of the night…

“Why… . why…”


A small gray cauldron fell out of the old woman’s body . The blue lotus brought it to Feng Jiu’s side . The blue lotus dropped one of its petal which then turned into countless blue specks of lights when they fell to the ground, purifying the bloody land little by little .

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After the blood on the ground and those ghosts disappeared, the blue lotus returned to Feng Jiu’s body . A layer of blue light gushed out from her dantian and permeated her body, enveloping her . An unending stream of living vital energy emanated from the blue lotus, nourishing and repairing her body .

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