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Published at 2nd of September 2020 10:10:37 PM
Chapter 1353: Chapter 1353 - Not That Simple
Chapter 1353 Not That Simple

“Where’s my hand? My hand?”

The strange and hoarse voice spread out, Feng Jiu’s eyebrows curved up slightly and the sword in her hand condensed . Just as she was about to strike, she saw something that shocked her .

She saw the old woman searching for her arm, until when she finally saw her broken arm, she stretched out and the broken arm was sucked back over and connected at the point it had been severed from .

What was even stranger was that after her hand had condensed the blood that had melted into the magma, she actually saw the arm mending itself at quick speed, visible to the naked eye . She even stood there and twisted her arm as she looked at her .

How could a severed arm be reconnected like that? Even her, the Ghost Doctor was not able to reconnect a severed arm using such a strange method . What origin did this old woman come from? How could her severed arm reshape after that magma?

Magma? Reshaping?

Yes! She knew how!

This old woman could refine spirits, her furnace was in her body, she could swallow vengeful spirits and refine them, and she could also use her own conditions to reshape her body!

When she thought about this, her face froze and her thoughts about doing something next were stopped at this moment .

If this was the case, then even if she had severed her four limbs, she would be able to use her strange body and her strange internal furnace to reshape her body . In this case, the only place she could attack was… . .


She heard a clear voice that startled her and made her jump holding her sword out . However, at this moment, the old woman was prepared and knew that she held the Qingfeng sword in her hand, so the old woman flashed away like a ghost just as she lifted up the sword .

“Over here!”

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The old woman’s strange and hoarse voice could suddenly be heard behind Feng Jiu . She was startled . When she looked back, the old woman slapped her with her bloody palm .


At that moment when the force of the palm’s wind hit her, it was as if a giant palm had slapped her . The powerful airflow shot down to her back from behind and the sound of the blow was clear in her ears .


Her body was slammed by the powerful blow and a mouthful of blood spurted out . Her body lost balance and she fell down . That blow caused immense pain to her whole body, like the force of the palm was spreading through her body and she couldn’t summon the breath to stabilise her body .


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Her body fell into the ground, into the web of blood . At that moment, the ghosts struggling in the web was about to pounce on her, but seemed to be afraid of what was on her body and didn’t dare approach .

She climbed up from the web of blood and stood up supporting herself with the Qingfeng sword . With a flick of her hand, a bottle of pills appeared in her palm . She quickly poured out one and took it . Her eyes darkened as she endured the discomfort in her body, secretly urging the blue lotus in her body to repair her internal injuries .

“You’re not dead yet? Why aren’t you dead? After receiving that blow of mine you can actually stand up, you’re really not that simple . ”

The old woman stood in midair, her dark clothes swayed in the night as she looked at the figure below in surprise . There was no Nascent Soul cultivator who would be able to withstand that blow from her and still stand up like nothing had happened .

But she did it, which really impressed her .

With the Spirit Mystical Body, she was of course treated kindly by Heaven, she had underestimated her .

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