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Published at 2nd of September 2020 10:10:37 PM
Chapter 1351: Chapter 1351 - Let’s Fight!
Chapter 1351 Let’s Fight!

How many lives were there in this little town? How much blood was used to create that giant web of blood?

The anger in her heart gave her the urge to fight, to destroy the old woman!

Of course, she had to think about her own strength, whether she was strong enough to defeat a Celestial Strong Exponent?

While she was contemplating, the human skull from the old woman’s crutches swept up towards the sky from the web of blood . A blood beam shot into the sky and the entire sky rolled .

Feng Jiu watched the blood rush to the sky and formed a compass-like shape hovering above . The airflow was powerful and a breath of spiritual spread from the sky mirroring the web on blood on the ground .

Upon seeing that, she couldn’t help but gasped and exclaimed: “This, this is the net of heaven and earth?”

As the saying went, where there is the net of heaven and earth, there is no escape!

Even she couldn’t make the net of heaven and earth, and this old woman could actually conjure it up, in that case she had to capture her no matter what! Her Master had told her that the Spirit Mystical Body could not be revealed to outsiders, otherwise it would definitely bring about her death!

She had been careful in hiding it but didn’t expect the old woman here to see it . Right now, she was in an even more dire situation .

In the absence of absolute certainty that she could defeat the other party, without absolute certainty that she would be able to leave here alive, with no one to call upon for help and nowhere to escape to, she could only rely on herself .

“Since it’s unavoidable, then let’s fight!”

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She whispered softly . Although she could hide in space, however, it was not a wise move to hide in space in such a situation . Space could be exposed if she was not careful, and even if she did hide in space, she still would not be able to leave this small town .

After much thought, all she could do was fight . But how do you break the net of heaven and earth?

Her eyebrows twisted in contemplation as she looked at the scarlet red web on the ground, then at the revolving compass in the sky . A powerful aura permeated the air . If it weren’t for her ancient coercion, it would be difficult for her to even walk in this place .

“The net of heaven and earth is a trap net . In that case, I can only make a move against the old woman!” She stared at the figure in the distance . At this moment, it seemed like the old woman had spotted her and was looking in her direction .

“Little girl, I told you you can’t escape! Come, come and let me have a good look . ”

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The old woman laughed lowly, her hoarse, sharp voice penetrated the air . They were obviously separated with a long distance between them, but the sound drifted over and echoed by Feng Jiu’s ears as if she was right next to her .

“Since I can’t escape, then let’s fight!”

The cold voice was swift and fierce as it drifted out . She stood on tiptoes and leaped towards the sky releasing all the coercion and breath in her body without suppressing anything .

The breath of a Nascent Soul cultivator was diffused and the intimidating ancient coercion also surged at the same time . The fusion of the two air currents changed the aura on her body instantly, her breath and coercion was no less inferior to that of the powerful bloody breath of the Celestial Strong Exponent .

As she felt the ancient coercion coming out of her body, the old woman’s eyes flashed and a dark light flashed across her eyes: “It’s incredible… . . I can’t wait to capture you!”

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