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Chapter 1347: 1347
Chapter 1347 Dangerous Intuition

Feng Jiu shook her head again: “No . ” She had only seen ghosts before .

The old woman sat down and said: “The people in this town have moved away a long time ago . It was because of the vengeful spirits here . They thought that they were ghosts and the Toaist priests that they hired couldn’t do anything . So in the end, they moved away . ”

As she listened to the reply to her first question, Feng Jiu’s eyes wavered and she listened quietly . The hunchbacked old woman gave her a strange feeling, like that of a highly-skilled person who had retreated from the world to the countryside .

Everyone in this town had gone and left her here alone . The old woman lived in a place like this by herself and her only companions were the vengeful spirits outside .

Her so-called Spirit Refining technique was something she had never seen nor heard of before . Swallowing the vengeful spirit and using her own body as a furnace, she was actually able to the pure white soul that looked like cotton wool .

From her words, it seemed that she had already seen through her disguise and knew that she was a girl . She also seemed to know that she was an alchemist . Otherwise, she wouldn’t have talked to her about the primordial spirit being used in elixirs .

But why would such a person tell her things like this? It was like she was spreading her knowledge, telling her about things that she had never seen before . For a person whom she had just met, this was quite unusual .

Though she hadn’t detected any killing intent from her body, even so, she still felt a trace of anxiety in her heart . Because of the unfathomable depth of the person in front of her, she felt like she was in danger .

Her sixth sense has always been very accurate . It was precisely because of this that she felt this old woman was odd . Though inside she was wary and guarded against the old woman, her face however, didn’t reveal any of the feelings that she felt . Her demeanor showed that she regarded the old woman as a good person to help her .

Up till this point, she had indeed done nothing but help her, so it was only normal for her to show gratitude and trust .

“They’ve all moved away, but I like it here . I’ve lived here for so many years, I can’t bear to leave . ” She raised her head as she spoke, her dry-well like eyes without waves staring at Feng Jiu .

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Though it was meant to be an ordinary glance, however, to Feng Jiu, that glance seemed to have a different meaning . When that glance landed on her, her heart sank a little . Her eyes narrowed with a smile as she spoke briskly: “A lot of things are a habit, take me for example, I like to walk around in beggar’s clothes . ”

“Yes, they’re all habits . ”

The hunchbacked old woman responded and lowered her head and eyes . She pulled a thread the length of a toothpick from her dress as she sat there and tied a knot around it .

Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu took out the cake the old woman had given her earlier . She looked at the sesame seeds sprinkled on the cake and her eyes flashed as she took a bite of the cake .

“Old lady, how come you can use your body as a furnace? Won’t your body be overwhelmed?” She asked as she ate .

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She raised her head and looked at Feng Jiu and said in her hoarse, old voice: “No, because my body is a furnace . ”

“Then what about this primordial spirit?” She pointed to the little thing on her shoulder: “This thing will stay like this? It seems to like me . ”

“Haha…” The old woman laughed lowly, her old voice trembled: “It likes you because the breath on your body is clean . ”

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