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Chapter 1342: 1342
Chapter 1342 Eerie Little Town

“Ze, you’re so good . ” She said with a smile, her eyes narrowing as she hugged him around his neck .

“You are my woman, if I am not good to you, then who should I be good to?” Only then did he finally reveal a smile as he looked at her beside him, feeling both reluctance and worry in his heart .


A cry of exclamation was heard and when the two of them looked back, they saw that it was Gray Wolf who had been sleeping in the tree who had accidentally turned over and fell out of the tree and hit the ground .


He groaned as he lay on the ground for a long time before he got up . When he felt their eyes on him, he looked up and smiled embarrassedly: “Um, I didn’t hear you talking, I didn’t hear anything, honestly . ”

Shadow One who had been standing guard outside the courtyard rolled his eyes when he heard that . It was such an obvious denial after being caught red-handed .

Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Feng Jiu didn’t bother with him much, they only glanced at him briefly and then looked away . Upon seeing this, Gray Wolf hurried outside and patted his chest in relief once he was out of sight .

“I was scared to death, scared to death . ”

Shadow One glanced at him and looked away in silence . My Lord and the Ghost Doctor were used to him by now, because this fool’s brain was not adequate at all .

On this day, Xuanyuan Mo Ze accompanied Feng Jiu . The two of them cherished the last day they were able to spend together . There were no trivial matters to worry about, only the warmth and solitude of each other . The more they had to separate, the more they couldn’t bear it . However, time could not be stopped .

Until, the next morning, before the sky had brightened, a young boy left the mansion and headed towards the city gate wearing old and tattered clothes with a bed of messy hair and dirty gray face .

And in the upper part of the mansion, Xuanyuan Mo Ze dressed in black robes stood straight with his hand behind his back, watching that figure leave… .

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Half a month later, on this day, the sky was getting darker, Feng Jiu was biting on a blade of Dog’s Tail Grass in her mouth as she walked on the path, checking out the surroundings as she walked .

In the past half a month, she had walked on foot and travelled to quite a lot of places . She had also experienced the folk customs all over within the Xuan Yuan Empire, seen lots of scenery and met lots of people .

In particular, she was able to walk everywhere so easily because she was dressed like a beggar . No matter who it was, they would always avoid her and not look at her too much . After all, she looked messy and no one wanted anything to do with her . Therefore, she was able to walk all the way without encountering any trouble .

Looking forward, she thought she saw a small town up ahead and was happy at that . If there was a small town, that meant that there would be hot meals to eat . She quickened her footsteps immediately at that thought .

Though she was safe and inconspicuous disguised as a beggar, having a meal would be troublesome because no restaurant would welcome a beggar inside and disrupt the other guests .

When she thought about the food in front of her, her footsteps quickend and not long later, she arrived at the small town . However, when she saw the empty town, she was startled .

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“Why does it look different to what I imagined?” She murmured softly and walked inside, immediately vigilant .

How can there be no one in a small town?

It looked like an ordinary small town, and there were different types of grains planted around the road . As she looked at the gratifying grains, she felt that this place didn’t seem deserted .

Therefore, she continued to walk inside and shouted: “Anyone there? Anyone… . ”

As soon as her voice came out, it was caught in her throat in surprise . When she turned round the corner of the road, she glanced inadvertently and was shocked .

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