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Chapter 1341: 1341
Chapter 1341 Not At Ease

“Tell Feng Jiu yourself!” He walked out and prepared to go to the Bamboo Forest to practice his swordsmanship .

When Yang Yong saw this, he had no option but to comply and watched Shadow One follow his Lord out . Gray Wolf was still asleep in the tree, therefore, he remained in the courtyard to wait for Feng Jiu to wake up .

An hour later, Feng Jiu had finally woken up . After she had washed up and came out, she saw Yang Yong in the courtyard: “Yang Yong, why are you here?” She looked around, and when she didn’t see Xuanyuan Mo Ze, she asked: “Where is he?”

Yang Yong bowed respectfully and replied: “My Lord has gone to the Bamboo Forest to practice his swordsmanship . I am here to apologise . I am truly sorry about what happened yesterday, I… . ”

Feng Jiu waved her hand: “There’s no need to mention what happened yesterday, I’m not bothered . ” She walked forwards and came to sit down at the stone table . She raised her eyebrows when she saw the breakfast on the table and asked: “Did you prepare this?”

“Yes . ” He nodded and smiled .

“It looks quite good . ” She said with one hand on her chin .

“Ghost Doctor can eat first . I will send someone to bring another portion for My Lord later . ”

“Okay . ” Feng Jiu didn’t wait for Xuanyuan Mo Ze as she knew when he practiced his swordsmanship he would usually take about two hours . She ate her breakfast and told Yang Yong to bring some warm breakfast over later on .

Yang Yong didn’t leave, but stayed in the courtyard and sat by the side of the table . He looked at her and said: “Ghost Doctor, you’re leaving tomorrow? Do you need me to send men to escort you?”

“No need . ” She waved her hand: “It’s easier to travel by myself . ” She wiped the corners of her mouth and said to him: “While I am not with him in the coming days, you have to take good care of him . ”

“Yes, Ghost Doctor . Rest assured we all will . ”

When Xuanyuan Mo Ze returned, he saw the two of them chatting in the courtyard . His eyes narrowed as he walked closer .

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Upon seeing Xuanyuan Mo Ze, Yang Yong stood up: “My Lord . ”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at Yang Yong: “Have you got nothing to do outside?”

Yang Yong was startled for a moment, then he smiled and said: “Yes, I just remembered that there are some things that haven’t been handled properly . My Lord, Ghost Doctor, please continue chatting, I will go and finish my work . ” He retreated after he had finished speaking .

After he had left, Feng Jiu’s eyes narrowed as she smiled and said: “The breakfast Yang Yong brought over is quite good . The temperature of the food I ate earlier was just nice . I know that you wouldn’t be back so soon so I didn’t leave you any food . ”

She looked at his grumpy handsome face and said: “Sit down and wait for a while, he will send someone with warm breakfast over for you . ” As she spoke, his hand reached out and held hers .

“What’s the matter?” She asked, looking at him who had his eyes lowered staring at her hand .

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“I’m worried about you leaving alone . ”

Over here, Nascent Soul cultivators were like clouds and although Celestial Strong Exponents weren’t all over the streets but in almost every family there would be a Celestial Strong Exponent within their clan . How could he relax when she was going out there by herself?

Upon hearing this, she smiled widely: “I’ve told you not to worry about me . If I can’t defeat my opponent then I will run away! Besides, I will be careful and not cause trouble casually . ”

He glanced at her and said straightforwardly: “Your words aren’t that credible . ”

Feng Jiu was startled at that, and she chuckled: “Okay, okay, you just rest assured anyway! I can take care of myself . ” She didn’t want him to send people to protect her in secret as it would give her the feeling that she was being watched .

Seeing this, he could only ask: “Have you packed everything? I will tell the kitchen to prepare some snacks and pastries so that you can eat them on your journey . ”

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