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Published at 22nd of August 2020 04:00:09 PM
Chapter 1337: 1337
Chapter 1337 Cannot refuse

“Why is it different? It’s my responsibility to carry you on your back . I have to take you home . Alright, let’s not talk about it . I got your bath water prepared . Since you just wake up, take your time soaking in the bath . I’ll take a bath first . ” He led her to the main courtyard .

Feng Jiu looked at him with her head cocked to the side . When she listened to his words and watched him holding her hands tightly, her heart was deeply moved . She kept silent but clasped his hands in return and followed him toward the main courtyard .

When they arrived at the main courtyard, they ate a few pastries to pad their stomachs, then went to their rooms to soak in the bath .

Feng Jiu didn’t soak for a long time . She rose after some time in the bath, put on casual clothes and walked toward Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s room .

The dark guards in the courtyard had withdrawn to a ten-meter distance away . Shadow One and Gray Wolf were also guarding in the courtyard . As for the maids, they were sent back to the room . So, she pushed the door quietly and entered .

Inside the wooden tub in the room, leaning back with her eyes slightly closed, Xuanyuan Mo Ze knew it early on that Feng Jiu was coming . He closed his eyes pretending to sleep to see what she wanted to do .

Feng Jiu stepped lightly inside and poked around the room . She saw the naked figure behind the screen with his hands placed on the edge of the wooden tub . The man was lying back with his eyes slightly closed . She gulped and couldn’t tear her eyes away .

There was no movement for a long time . But, Xuanyuan Mo Ze was aware of the woman’s unrelenting gaze that made him a bit nervous and his body tightened . He felt that the wooden tub was inadequate to block her scorching gaze .

He felt weird . This woman, couldn’t see him clearly, yet liked to watch him surreptitiously like this? It should have been enough watching him for a while, right? Was this an addiction? If it was, why didn’t she do anything? What’s the use of watching without making any moves?

“Won’t you come here and touch them?” He suddenly opened his eyes and fixed his stare on her with a deep, playful look .

Feng Jiu laughed, stuck her head out, and looked at him with twinkling eyes . “Didn’t you carry me home? I thought that I’d pay you back, so I came over . ”

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Upon hearing this, he raised his eyebrows and a deep dark light passed through the black pupils . “Paying me back? How?” His tone was steady, but his heaving breath couldn’t be hidden . She clearly stirred up his emotions .

Feng Jiu smiled and hooked her finger . “Don’t get dressed . Put on a bathrobe and come out, I will wait for you in bed . ” She turned away and walked out .

Hearing her seductive words, Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s heart was aflame . He even felt an urge at his lower abdomen and his breath became slightly ragged .

“This woman has grown bold!”

He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, calming the impulse and heat in his heart . He couldn’t help but imagine what would happen…

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When he thought of what would happen next, he was unable to refuse as his ears reddened . He could even feel it’s scaldingly hot .

He rubbed his burning red ears and scooped some water to pat them on his wildly thumping heart . His lips unconsciously curved up in an expectant smile . His stiff and taut face was a little bashful, yet he tried hard to keep his usual appearance .

No, it was a little colder than usual . Xuanyuan Mo Ze eased his tension a bit, then stood up from the water noisily . He wiped off the water stains, put on the bathrobe and tied it on, then went into the room…

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