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Chapter 1334: 1334
Chapter 1334 Don’t hurt me

They didn’t dare to go over and join in the scene on matters related to blood shed . Only cultivators confident in their own strength would be curious about that kind of thing . They rushed into the city, as avoiding trouble was the most important thing for them .

Watching in the dark, the gambling house’s tall and thin man’s expression changed . Perhaps no one else knew those two, but he, a native of the imperial city, was familiar with them .

At Xuanyuan crown prince’s side, besides the Second Young Master from the Yang family as the mansion’s steward, there were also two guards who always followed him . They were the dark guard Shadow One and a guard named Gray Wolf .

According to reports, Shadow One was the head of the dark guards while Gray Wolf was the captain of the guards . Both of them had excellent skills and were loyal, trusted by the crown prince Xuanyuan Moze . It could be said that he brought these two people with him wherever he went .

Now, the two men appeared here to stop the gamblers . He shuddered and started wondering about who the bearded man and the young man were .

He took a cautious look at the front and saw that the gamblers in front were lying on the ground with a heavy smell of blood . The killing intent was even more terrifying . At the moment, he motioned and several people retreated without a sound and returned speedily .

They couldn’t follow anymore . If they did, their fate would definitely be the same as those few people .

“Out of the five, I killed three . ” Gray Wolf announced triumphantly . He sounded like showing off .

Shadow One glanced at him, too lazy to care about him . “Several of them escaped . ” While speaking, he took a look at the place where those people were hiding .

“They are the casino’s people, probably trying to find out the identity of our Master and Ghost Doctor . Let them go, don’t bother about them . ” Gray Wolf spoke casually, wiping his sword clean and put it away .

“Deal with the corpses on the ground . ” Shadow One spoke out .

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“Huh? We still have to deal with them?” Gray Wolf stared . “After slaying them, we still have to look for a place for their burial?”

Shadow One looked at him strangely, then took out a bottle and poured out its content on the corpses . A sizzling sound was heard and soon the bodies on the ground were eroded, leaving only clothes and splashed blood .

“Wasn’t this corpse corroding water used up? Where did you get it? Give me a few of them . ” Gray Wolf held out his hand .

“I asked Ghost Doctor for more . ” He handed Gray Wolf two bottles . “Use it sparingly . ”

Hearing this, Gray Wolf’s eyes brightened . Just as he was about to say that he would also like her to make some to him, he recalled that she would leave in two days . He could not help but sigh . “She will leave in two days . This time, I don’t know when I can see her . ”

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Shadow One quipped, “It’s the Lord who should worry about it . What are you fretting foolishly about?”

Gray Wolf mumbled . “Do you think That I’m like you! We’ve known each other for a long time, so I am fond of her and unwilling to let her go . ”

“I’ll tell the Lord that . ” After disposing of the body, he turned and walked back .

Gray Wolf opened his eyes in amazement . “What are you telling him about? That I’ve been together for a long time and is fond of Ghost Doctor? Shadow One, don’t hurt me!” He had no problem that Shadow One heard this . But if his very possessive Lord heard it, he would have to bear the adverse consequence .

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