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Published at 19th of August 2020 03:45:06 PM
Chapter 1328: 1328
Chapter 1328 Is it right here?

shadow one glanced at him . “it’s his younger brother, born of a concubine . he’s relying on his mother’s favour, stirring up trouble all day . ”

“oh, this time he has offended the lord and ghost doctor head-on . this is not a small skill . when i talk to yang yong later, i guess he will be upset, too . ”

“all right, stop talking . look ahead . ” shadow one motioned to him to keep quiet .

feng jiu, who was about to leave, stopped and looked up and down at the man and asked, “are you rich?”

the man raised his chin like a proud peacock: “of course! boy, you’re not a local, are you? it’s surprising that you don’t know me!”

“right, he’s young master yang from the imperial city’s influential family . his brother yang yong is a favourite with the crown prince . ” the two men next to him laughed in a loud voice while revealing his identity .

hearing this, xuanyuan mo ze and feng jiu’s expressions changed and their eyes flashed . yang yong’s brother? this guy?

they took another look at him carefully and saw that this man was only at the foundation building peak level, not even a golden core cultivator . even though he’s wearing a noble young master’s outfit from head to toe, people didn’t show respect thanks to his temperament and attitude .

“where did you say you were going?” feng jiu smiled with narrowed eyes . a glint of cunningness flashed in her eyes .

when several of the men heard this, they looked at each other with a sneer . yang yong’s commoner brother glanced at them, turned around and walked away . “if you have the guts, follow me . ”

he turned and left, and several people behind him followed along . obviously, he was the leader among them .

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“come on, have some fun . ” feng jiu smiled, pulling xuanyuan mo ze to follow them .

“really? is the place you’re talking about the gambling house?”

feng jiu looked at the noisy place in front of her . the chaotic sound of people making bets with dice came to her ears . she was in the imperial city for such a long time, but this was her first time to come to the imperial city’s gambling house . looking from the scale, this place was quite large .

“what? scared? this is the most luxurious gambling house in the imperial city . you must have at least ten thousand gold coins to enter it . today, thanks to me, you can enter this place . ” yang yong’s commoner brother, with a smug look, took out an identity jade card and led them inside .

the two women who went with them stopped outside the gambling house and left . after all, they were women . entering such a place was not good for their reputation . so, they didn’t follow in .

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feng jiu looked at the gold coins piled up on the table as high as a hill and her eyes shone . “i’m scared, i’m really scared! i don’t expect such a place in the imperial city . ” if ning lang, who loved money as much as his own life came here, he wouldn’t be able to step away .

xuanyuan mo ze saw her eyes were shining at the gold coins and valuables on the table . he shook his head furtively . her interest seemed to be different from that of ordinary women .

“hahaha, it’s the third young master yang who’s coming . ”

a steward greeted him and cupped his fists to salute the surname yang in the lively venue . he looked at the two men beside him, as well as feng jiu and xuanyuan mo ze, and asked, “third young master yang, are you bringing friends to play? what do you want to play today?”

when the third young master yang was about to answer, he seemed to suddenly think of something . when he looked back, he saw that the young man was excitedly squeezing into a gambling table to play . seeing that, his lips curved up .

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