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Published at 13th of August 2020 04:10:08 PM
Chapter 1319: 1319
Chapter 1319 Celestial Strong Exponen


A loud fart sound came out and the secret guards looked at each other in shock then stared strangely at Han Rong who looked angry and embarrassed, like he was about to kill someone .

Feng Jiu walked out from the back courtyard, followed by the three women . Perhaps they were alarmed by Winter's present appearance, at this point, their heads were lowered respectfully as they walked three steps behind Feng Jiu . Their coquettishness was reserved and they showed only respect and humbleness at this point .

"What's wrong now?" Feng Jiu glanced at the angry Han Rong and frowned slightly, covering her nose and mouth: "You are too rude!"


As soon as Feng Jiu's voice fell, she heard Han Rong release a loud fart again . Suddenly, his whole face flushed red, he had never been so embarrassed in his entire life before and felt the years of his prestige ruined by this one fart .

"Demoness! It was you wasn't it! When did you take the opportunity to strike? You have some nerve!" His face flushed with anger as he looked at her furiously: "Give me the antidote!"


The angry and violent voice carried a momentum of pressure that shocked one, but another loud fart sound shattered that . In the secret corners, the secret guards were very surprised . In the courtyard, Feng Jiu stepped back covering her mouth and nose, staring at him coldly .

"Demoness? Huh? How impudent!"

"Take out the antidote! Otherwise I will kill you!"

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As soon as the fierce voice fell, he drew his palm back angrily and a wave of spiritual power surged in his palm . In the next moment, his figure rushed out suddenly and charged towards Feng Jiu at great speed . The attack was so quick and fierce that the people around couldn't help but hold their breaths .

Whether it was Spring, Summer and Autumn, or the secret guards, they all saw that Han Rong wanted to take Feng Jiu's life!

When they saw that the situation was dire, they immediately left to report to My Lord . And at this moment, Gray Wolf who had just returned from his walk ran forward and shouted when he saw the two of them fighting .

"Han Rong! What are you doing? Is that someone you can touch? You better stop now!"

A glint of dark light flashed across Han Rong's eyes, since he had already made a move, then he had to kill this Demoness before Ah Ze arrived! This Demoness, he would not allow her to live and stay by Ah Ze's side!

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The strong airflow and coercion came out and Feng Jiu stood there narrowing her eyes . Other than that time in the Death Forest, this was the second time she had felt a coercion and airflow that was stronger than Nascent Soul stage .

This was the level above Nascent Soul, it was the strength of a Celestial Strong Exponent!

That kind of powerful coercion and airflow was strong enough to destroy everything, especially that wind blade rushing towards her which was making her cheeks hurt . If she hadn't had the ancient coercion protecting her, she would most certainly be unable to go against such a strong exponent .

With a wave of her hand, the red silk from her waist wrapped around her hand and transformed from a belt into a blade, harnessing an aura of spiritual power and swished out, greeting the attack .

Above the red silk, a strong spiritual breath permeated forming a blade . As the two figures swept past, the sounds of swift airflow could be heard hitting the surrounding areas . The powerful coercion from the two of them exchanging blows made the secret guards shudder as their blood rumbled within their bodies and blood spilled out of their mouths, let alone the three maids who had wanted to go and help .

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Against strong exponents whose strength was much higher than theirs, even if they had wanted to help, they would be powerless to help .

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