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Published at 14th of August 2020 07:33:03 PM
Chapter 1310: Chapter 1310 - What he’s going to do
Chapter 1310 What he’s going to do

A woman who was too dependent on a man would end up being nothing . She didn’t like to rely on others . What she wanted was the ability to make decisions and deal with them .

She hoped that one day, her strength would spread to the Eight Supreme Empires and her name would be renowned throughout the region . At her command, the heroes from all the regions would rush together!

When she thought of the idea, there was a gleam in her eyes, as a strong feeling that it would come true arose within her .

She wanted to have this kind of appeal, this kind of power . Not to dominate the world or anything, but she wanted to be strong enough to protect her people when others wanted to hurt her country and her family .

A man becomes strong perhaps in order to rule the world and become the supreme power . A woman wants to be stronger and become the supreme power . She just wanted to have the ability to protect the person she wanted to protect .

Dominating the world was not attractive to a woman . Even if she did, her life goal wasn’t like that . Therefore, when she heard what Mo Chen said that she would become the world’s Mistress, she just laughed it off .

That’s impossible because what she wanted was a simple life with enough strength to protect the people she wants to protect, to live with the people she liked, to have a few more children, to watch them grow up, to watch the fleeting clouds, to see the sunset and the morning glow…

Xuanyuan Mo Ze looked at her resolute gaze and did not persuade her anymore . He helplessly said, “Alright then . If there is anything that can’t be solved, you can do it for me . ”

“And, after a while, where are you going?” Shouldn’t he know that? How else would he find her?

She looked up at him and chuckled softly . “I won’t tell you . ” As soon as she said this, the red figure ran away quickly .

He shook his head and sighed as she ran into the room . It was said that only women and villains were difficult to raise . He realized this today .

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Especially, from the beginning, he knew that this woman was as cunning as a fox, and her nature was unlike that of other women . Even he had suffered a lot of losses in her hands .

But this time she came here, she seemed to be a little more clever . She only followed him all day and didn’t think of anything to fix people . He thought she had changed her nature! It turned out that it was waiting for him here .

On the other side, Han Rong, who returned to his residence, was so angry that he smashed the table . When he thought of the scene earlier, he felt a burst of anger burning in his heart . The flame was getting bigger and bigger and his anger could not be suppressed!

“That witch! Wanting to become the mansion’s mistress? I, Han Rong, won’t let you! ” His fists were clenched and the veins appeared clearly on the back of his hand .

The story of Feng Jiu’s admonishing Han Rong spread quickly in the mansion . Some people were surprised . After all, Han Rong’s position in the mansion was not low . He was also known as Uncle Han . She even daringly admonished him in front of the Lord!

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What’s more, the Lord didn’t stop it either?

They thought about it for a moment and couldn’t help but reevaluate the status of Feng Jiu in their Lord’s heart .

The days seemed to pass quietly as usual . However, a few days later, when Han Rong took four beautiful and attractive women to the main courtyard, many people were surprised .

What was Han Rong up to?

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